61% of People Lie on the First Date . . . Here Are the Most Common Lies


It’s always good to kick off a potential relationship with a giant pile of LIES.

A new survey found 61% of people admit they LIE on the first date . . . that means three out of every five times you go out with someone new, they’re not going to be totally honest with you.

The most common lie that women tell is about how old they are . . . they usually shave off three to five years. They’re also much more likely than men to lie about their NAME . . . possibly to avoid Facebook stalking or more serious stalking.

The most common lie that men tell is about how much money they make . . . on average they try to seem like they’re about 20% richer than they actually are.

So . . . when does the lying stop? 44% of people say they come clean by the third date . . . 22% wait until after they say, “I love you” . . . 9% wait until MARRIAGE . . . and 25% NEVER tell the truth until they get caught.

(Daily Mail)

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