58% of People Would Rather Win the Lottery Than Find Their Soul Mate


A new survey found that 70% of us agree money can’t buy happiness . . . but a lot of us would rather be rich than happy ANYWAY.

People were asked if they’d rather find true love, win the lottery, or become famous. And more than HALF went for the money. 58% said they’d rather win the lottery . . . 38% would choose true love . . . and 3% would want to be famous.

But it might be because people feel like they’ve ALREADY found their soul mate . . . 78% of people said they wouldn’t get rid of the person they’re dating or married to for any amount of money.

Meaning 22% WOULD. But it’s not all bad . . . 70% of those people said it would take at least $10 million for them to ditch the person they’re dating or married to.

The survey also found 33% of people would give up their PET to win the lottery . . . including 7% who’d do it for less than ten grand.

And 65% of people say that if they found a winning lottery ticket on the street, they’d cash it in . . . 33% claim they’d try to find the rightful owner . . . and 2% say they’d DESTROY it. (???)

(LottoLishus / PR Newswire)

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