42% of Americans Can’t Spell “Budweiser”?

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If you can’t SPELL “Budweiser,” maybe you should stop DRINKING so much Budweiser?

There’s an app called Bartendr that lets people share info about their favorite bars and drinks, and they just analyzed 100,000 recent posts to see which brands of booze Americans have the hardest time spelling. Here are the top five . . .

1. Jagermeister, misspelled by 90% of people.

2. Budweiser, 42%.

3. Jameson, 23%.

4. Hennessy, 15%.

5. Jack Daniel’s, 6%.

The most common way people misspell Budweiser is forgetting the first “e” . . . so it’s B-u-d-w-i-s-e-r.

The most common way people misspell Jagermeister is . . . pretty much every way possible. No one has ANY clue.

(Bro Bible)


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