17 Rappers Who Had Surprising Past Lives


The unstoppable list-makers at Buzzfeed.com have put out a rundown of 17 Rappers Who Had Surprising Past Lives.  Basically, it’s just a list of interesting things rappers were doing before their rap “fame.”

Here’s the list:

1.  Tupac was a ballet dancer.

2.  Prodigy was also into ballet.

3.  Plies was a nurse.

4.  Mike Jones was a phone assembly line operator.

5.  Lil Wayne played Tin Man in a middle school production of “The Wiz”.

6.  Rick Ross was a correctional officer.

7.  Kanye West sold clothing at The Gap.

8.  J. Cole was a bill collector.

9.  50 Cent competed as a Junior Olympian.  He was a boxer.

10.  KRS-One was a Hare Krishna . . . His influence, “Krishna” was shortened to “Kris,” which eventually transformed into his rap alias KRS-One.

11.  Nicki Minaj served at Red Lobster.

12.  Ice-T spent four years in the Army.

13.  Ice Cube was an architect-in-training.

14.  Big Sean was a Christian rapper.

15.  Jadakiss delivered newspapers.

16.  B.o.B worked as a Subway “sandwich artist.”

17.  And Cappadonna was a taxi driver.


(For a little more information on some of these, hit up Buzzfeed.com and HotHipHopDetroit.com.)

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