10 Most Annoying Slang Words Today Include YOLO, Selfie, and Twerking

I’d be fine if I never heard the word “twerking” again. Unless it’s part of the phrase, “Please stop saying the word ‘twerking.'” And I’m not the only one.

A new survey asked people to name the most annoying slang words today. Here are the top 10 . . .

  1. YOLO.
  2. Selfie.
  3. Twerking.
  4. Cray cray. Which means “crazy.”
  5. . Which means “let’s go.”
  6. Trashed.
  7. Whack.
  8. Going HAM. (CAREFUL!) HAM stands for “hard as a mother[effer].”
  9. Stoked.
  10. Boho. That’s short for “bohemian.”

(SF Weekly)


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