Football Scores
Week 7
  • PSJA Southwest 0 VS PSJA North 0
    October 20
  • Rio Grande City 0 VS Laredo Nixon 0
    October 20
  • Edinburg North 0 VS Edinburg Economedes 0
    October 20
  • Progreso 0 VS Raymondville 0
    October 20
  • McAllen High 0 VS La Joya Juarez-Lincoln 0
    October 20
  • Weslaco East 0 VS Harlingen High 0
    October 20
  • Santa Maria 0 VS Three Rivers 0
    October 20
  • Brownsville St. Joseph 0 VS Marine Military Academy 0
    October 20
  • Brownsville Pace 0 VS Donna North 0
    October 20
  • Grulla 0 VS Zapata 0
    October 20
  • Brownsville Rivera 0 VS Weslaco High 0
    October 20
  • Sharyland High 0 VS Sharyland Pioneer 0
    October 20
  • La Joya High 0 VS McAllen Memorial 0
    October 20
  • Monte Alto 0 VS Hebbronville 0
    October 20
  • Mercedes 0 VS Edcouch-Elsa 0
    October 20
  • Laredo Martin 0 VS Roma 0
    October 20
  • Mission High 21 VS McAllen Rowe 27
  • Harlingen South 0 VS San Benito 0
    October 19
  • Santa Gertrudis Academy 0 VS Santa Rosa 0
    October 19
  • Valley View 12 VS Laredo Cigarroa 17
  • Rio Hondo 0 VS Wes Oso 0
    October 19
  • Lyford 0 VS Bishop 0
    October 19
  • PSJA High 45 VS Edinburg High 28
  • Donna High 52 VS Brownsville Porter 14
What Weird Product Does Every State Shop For More Than Anyone Else?

What Weird Product Does Every State Shop For More Than Anyone Else?

You can buy SO many dumb things thanks to the Internet . . . and apparently, across this fine country, we’re buying ALL of them.

The real estate website Estately just did a study of Google Shopping searches to see what WEIRD product every state is shopping for more than anyone else . . . and the results did not disappoint.

Here are ten highlights . . .

  1.  The people in Colorado shop for the “Borat” mankini more than anyone else.
  2.  People in Oklahoma shop for zombie survival kits more than anyone else.
  3.  Kansas . . . plus-size lingerie wholesale. (As a known chubby chaser AND a known cheapskate, this is like my dream scenario.)
  4.  South Carolina . . . adult Underoos.
  5.  Massachusetts . . . velour track suits.
  6.  Wisconsin . . . Truck Nuts. Those are plastic testes you dangle from a trailer hitch.
  7.  Nebraska . . . jorts, or jean shorts.
  8.  TEXAS: Confederate flag bumper stickers / truck gun rack / motorized kayak (the Rascal of kayaks)
  9.  West Virginia . . . Confederate flag bikinis. That’s strange, West Virginia only became a state when it split off from Virginia during the Civil War to be part of the Union.
  10.  Indiana . . . blow-up dolls.


(Here are the complete results for every state.)

A Ridiculous Ping Pong Trick Shot Video

A Ridiculous Ping Pong Trick Shot Video

A video of some Japanese guys pulling off crazy ping pong shots is going viral. First they knock over tiny bowling pins. Then it becomes less about the trick shots, and more about being WEIRD.

Like instead of paddles, they use random things like a broom and frying pan. And there’s one point where a guy’s just playing in a suit covered in ping pong balls.

David Bowie Has Died

David Bowie Has Died

David Bowie RIP

David Bowie

FULL STORY:  Well this was completely unexpected.  DAVID BOWIE died yesterday at the age of 69.  He’d had cancer for a while, but kept it pretty much a secret.  They didn’t say what kind.



Here’s what the official statement said.  “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer.  While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.”



Obviously Bowie was a rock icon for over 40 years, and his career incorporated glam rock, soul, pop, and electronica.



His big breakthrough was the 1972 album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”.  That’s the one with “Moonage Daydream”, “Starman”, “Ziggy Stardust”, and “Suffragette City”.



Ziggy Stardust kind of became his alter ego for a while too . . . the pale white makeup, the big orange hair, the weird androgynous outfits.



And he had other personas and styles over the years.  Basically he was doing a weird mixture of rock, art, and fashion 40 years before Lady Gaga.  And that might have been as influential as his music.



Believe it or not, he only had two #1 songs in America . . . “Fame” in 1975, and “Let’s Dance” in 1983.



Other Bowie classics include “Space Oddity”, “Changes”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Young Americans”, “Golden Years”, “Heroes”, “Modern Love”, “Under Pressure” with QUEEN, and Little Drummer Boy” with BING CROSBY.






He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and got the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.



He also did a bunch of acting:  He played an alien in “The Man Who Fell to Earth” . . . a vampire in “The Hunger” . . . the Goblin King in “Labyrinth” . . . and Pontius Pilate in the Martin Scorsese movie “The Last Temptation of Christ”.



More recently, he had a pretty big part in “The Prestige” . . . the movie where Christian Bale and High Jackman were rival magicians . . . and did a cameo as himself in “Zoolander”.



His real name was David Jones, but he changed it so he wouldn’t be confused with DAVY JONES of THE MONKEES.  And he had a permanently dilated eye after being punched in the face in a schoolyard fight over a girl.






He married the model IMAN in 1992, and they were still together.  They had a daughter, and Bowie had a son from a previous marriage too.






His most recent album was “Blackstar”, and it just came out on Friday . . . which was also his 69th birthday.




Eight Weird Things Women Do Without Realizing It

Eight Weird Things Women Do Without Realizing It

Weird Things Women Do

Wiggling into your jeans while you pull them up by the belt loops.

There’s plenty of stuff about women that’s a complete mystery to men. But enough about their orgasms. There’s other stuff too. Probably.

There’s a discussion going on right now on where guys are sharing the weird things women do without realizing just how weird they are. Here are eight of our favorites . . .

1. If you have straight hair, wanting to curl it . . . if you have curly hair, wanting to straighten it.

2. Wiggling into your jeans while you pull them up by the belt loops.

3. Saying you don’t want fries, then eating half of someone else’s fries.

4. Always being cold in every situation.

5. Putting decorative soaps right by the sink, then getting mad when someone uses them.

6. Borrowing a sweatshirt . . . then keeping it.

7. Not realizing that just responding to a text with “yes” or “k” makes a guy think you’re furious at him.

8. Saying you don’t have an opinion on where to go eat . . . but hating all of the options someone else suggests.


(You can check out the eight weird things men do without realizing it here.)

Eight Weird Things Guys Do Without Realizing It

Eight Weird Things Guys Do Without Realizing It

Weird Things Guys Do

Guys you’re about to learn that you’ve been doing a few weird things your entire life . . . and you had NO IDEA.

There’s a discussion right now on where women are sharing the weird things guys do without even REALIZING they’re weird. Here are the eight best ones . . .

  1.  Going months without washing or changing their sheets.
  2.  Slapping their pockets to make sure their phone and wallet are in there.
  3.  Spending a really long time in the bathroom on the toilet.
  4.  Turning down the radio when they get lost . . . like somehow THAT’s the reason.
  5.  Keeping large amounts of change scattered around their room.
  6.  Putting their hand down their pants when they watch TV.
  7.  Lowering their voice when they talk on the phone, especially to another guy.
  8.  Denying they fell asleep when they’re randomly caught napping.