Football Scores
Week 11
  • Rockport-Fulton 19 VS La Feria 14
  • Sharyland Pioneer 31 VS Mercedes 68
  • Brownsville Hanna 32 VS Edinburg Vela 34
  • Brownsville Lopez 17 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 25
  • Grulla 16 VS Pleasanton 32
  • Weslaco East 49 VS PSJA High 13
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS San Antonio Southwest 14
  • Sharyland High 59 VS Brownsville Pace 43
  • Laredo United South 6 VS McAllen Memorial 44
  • McAllen Rowe 17 VS Laredo Alexander 42
  • Los Fresnos 34 VS Edinburg High 14
  • Edinburg North 7 VS San Benito 50
UFO Sightings Are at an All-Time High . . . Especially in the United States

UFO Sightings Are at an All-Time High . . . Especially in the United States

Either the aliens really ARE getting ready to invade Earth, or people today are more bored than ever.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings are at an all-time high.

From 1905 through 1980, there were less than 500 sightings a year. In the ’80s, that went up to about 1,000 . . . in the ’90s, it was up to 4,000 . . . and now, it’s getting close to 4,500 to 5,000.

And Americans are the most likely to spot aliens . . . by FAR. Our rate of UFO sightings is almost 300 TIMES higher than the average around the world.

The states with the highest rate of UFO sightings are: Washington . . . Montana . . . Vermont . . . Oregon . . . Alaska . . . Maine . . . New Hampshire . . . Arizona . . . New Mexico . . . and Idaho.

(Viz This)

Behold! McDonald’s Has Created a Nutella Burger

Behold! McDonald’s Has Created a Nutella Burger


If I were ever going to commit to gaining 500 pounds, THIS just might be the calorie delivery method I would go with.

McDonald’s in Italy just created a brand new Nutella burger. Basically, it’s just a hamburger bun with a “patty” made entirely out of Nutella. There’s no meat, just a massive amount of chocolate spread.

Unfortunately, because they hate money, they probably won’t bring the burger over to the United States.


Was Malia Obama Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza?

Was Malia Obama Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza?

18-year-old MALIA OBAMA was REALLY living it up at Lollapalooza last month, and she probably got a little too wild.  She flashed her booty . . . did some twerking . . . and maybe SMOKED A JOINT.

A so-called “eyewitness” saw Malia toking it up during a Bryson Tiller set.  She says, quote, “You could smell the marijuana smoke.  I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit on it.

“She had it in her hand for about one minute, then gave it back to him.”  She even got video of it by pretending to take a selfie right in front of Malia, and then sold it to Radar Online.  Let’s hope Malia isn’t actually friends with this opportunist.

Okay, this isn’t a great look for Malia.  She’s going to Harvard next year, and is regularly named to lists of the most influential teenagers.

Still, it’s “only” pot, which is probably going to be legal everywhere soon enough.  Like it or not, it’s hard to find examples of successful, normal people who haven’t admitted to smoking pot . . . and that includes the guy with 21 gold medals, and the last three Presidents of the United States.


Government Admits That No Study Has Ever Proven Flossing Is Effective

Government Admits That No Study Has Ever Proven Flossing Is Effective


Dr. Wayne Aldredge, president of the American Academy of Periodontology, demonstrates how dental floss should be used in Holmdel, N.J. It’s one of the most universal recommendations in all of public health: Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. Except there’s little proof that flossing works. When the federal government issued its 2016 dietary guidelines, the flossing recommendation had been removed, without notice. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Well you can finally stop lying to your dentist about flossing.

The Associated Press just looked at the research on the benefits of flossing, and they got the Department of Health and Human Services to admit, quote, “The effectiveness of flossing has never been researched, as required.”

There have been plenty of studies on flossing, but none of them have definitively found that it helps you get rid of plaque or prevents gum disease. The AP looked into 25 of the biggest studies and found all of them were unreliable.

So why has the government been recommending that we all floss every day for almost four decades?

A dentist from the National Institutes of Health summed it up. Quote, “It’s low risk, low cost. We know there’s a possibility that it works, so we feel comfortable telling people to go ahead and do it.”

That’s probably true, except for one thing: Floss is a $2 BILLION market around the world, and half of that comes from the United States.

(Associated Press)

The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in America

The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in America


Lombard Street at Night. Photo Credit: Flickr – Nan Palmero

Millions of people are going to visit some of the famous landmarks around the country this summer. And hundreds of thousands of them are going to say, “Wait . . . that’s it?”

The website Thrillist just put together a list of the 10 most overrated tourist spots in the United States. And even though the list is based totally on their opinions and not any numbers or data, it feels like they nailed it. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
  2.  The Empire State Building in New York.
  3.  The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.
  4.  Lombard Street in San Francisco, which is the world’s most crooked street.
  5.  The Statue of Liberty.
  6.  The Mall of America in Minneapolis.
  7.  The Space Needle in Seattle.
  8.  Beale Street in Memphis.
  9.  The Alamo in San Antonio.
  10.  The Magnificent Mile in Chicago.