Facebook Is Testing “Reaction Emojis”

Facebook Is Testing “Reaction Emojis”


Remember last month when Facebook announced they were finally adding a DISLIKE button? People were thrilled. I mean, what could be MORE useful in an election year.

But now it looks like that might NOT be the plan. Instead of a dislike button, Facebook has started testing “reaction emojis.” Lame.

In other words, there’d be no option to click a thumbs-down to “dislike” a post. There would be seven different emojis to choose from.

The old ‘thumbs-up’ to like a post . . . a heart for “love” . . . a laughing face for “haha” . . . a happy face for “yay” . . . a shocked face for “wow” . . . a crying face for “sad” . . . and a mad face for “anger.”

Right now they’re just being tested in Ireland and Spain . . . there’s no word whether Facebook plans to take them worldwide.


Taco Bell is Testing Cream-Filled Donut Holes Covered in Cap’n Crunch

Taco Bell is Testing Cream-Filled Donut Holes Covered in Cap’n Crunch


For at least a decade now, America’s state fairs have done a tremendous job making insane fried food innovations. And we’re about to find out what happens when their inventions go mainstream.

Taco Bell just started testing a new breakfast item . . . and it’s CRAZY: They’re donut holes filled with a sweet, milk-flavored cream icing . . . and covered in crushed-up CAP’N CRUNCH. Cap’n Crunch Berries, to be specific.

They’re called ‘Cap’n Crunch Delights,’ and they’re being tested in Bakersfield, California. Technically they’re an item on the breakfast menu . . . but they’re available all day long.

For now, Taco Bell is only testing them out in Bakersfield. There’s no word on if or when they could roll out to the rest of the country.