Hater Parking Attendant Leaves Rude Note on Parking Ticket

Hater Parking Attendant Leaves Rude Note on Parking Ticket

A student at the University of Georgia was late for a test so they parked illegally, leaving a note on their for the parking enforcement officer, pleading with them to just this once, give them a break.

Well not only did the ticket writer not help the student out, they left a pretty nasty note on the ticket that read, “Hope you failed.”

No word on if it is real, but if it is, ouch!

Story by Dave Basner

Photo Credit: Reddit

Five Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Had a Purpose

Five Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Had a Purpose


We found a list online of everyday things you’ve probably never thought about.  But they all have a purpose.  Here are five we liked . . .

1.  The hole in the top of a pen cap.  It’s not some weird engineering thing that keeps it from drying out.  It just makes the cap less of a hazard for little kids by keeping their airway open if they choke on it.

2.  Sometimes when you buy nice clothes, there’s an extra piece of fabric in one of the pockets.  It’s not there in case you need to make a patch.  It’s there so you can test laundry detergent on it.

3.  The little “fifth pocket” in your jeans was originally there to hold a pocket watch.  And the metal rivets prevent the seams from ripping.

4.  On a measuring tape, there’s usually a tiny hole in the hook at the end.  It’s there so you can hook it onto a nail or a screw.  And the bottom of the hook usually has little teeth, so you can use it to mark drywall while you’re measuring.

5.  There’s a soft plastic disc under the lid of a two-liter soda bottle.  Even if you take it out, the bottle might not leak.  But it has to be there to make it airtight.  Otherwise it would go flat a lot faster.


A Woman Faked Her Kidnapping to See If Her Boyfriend Cared About Her

A Woman Faked Her Kidnapping to See If Her Boyfriend Cared About Her

A Woman Faked Her Kidnapping to See If Her Boyfriend Cared About Her

A 22-year-old named Janet Brooks from Clermont, Florida called the cops last week, and said she’d been KIDNAPPED in her parking lot. She told them some guys had forced her into their trunk at gunpoint, then dropped her off at a park.

But when the cops looked at some surveillance video from the parking lot, they saw her walk out on her own.

And that’s when she admitted she made the entire thing up . . . because she was pretty sure another woman was making moves on her boyfriend, and she wanted to test if he TRULY CARED about her.

She was charged with filing a false report.

As for her relationship status . . . well, we don’t know. There’s no word on how her boyfriend reacted to the kidnapping, or the news that it was fake. But if he sticks with her after she showed THIS level of crazy, they just might be meant for each other.

(Leesburg Daily Commercial


The Best Motivational Tool Is . . . Free Pizza?

The Best Motivational Tool Is . . . Free Pizza?


Have you ever promised your kids pizza if they behave or do well on a test? Well it doesn’t stop working just because you grow up.

A researcher at Duke University wanted to find out what would motivate people to work harder . . . a small bonus, props from their boss, or free pizza. And PIZZA did surprisingly well.

He did the study at a factory in Israel that makes computer chips, and sent three emails to three different groups of workers every day for a week.

One said they’d get free pizza if they met a certain goal by the end of the day . . . another said they’d get a compliment from their boss . . . and the third one said they’d get a $30 bonus.

And on day one, the employees who got pizza did more work than ANYONE. It increased productivity by 6.7%, just edging out a compliment from the boss at 6.6%.

For some reason, a $30 bonus actually made people do LESS work. They were about 5% more productive on the first day . . . but did 13% less work than normal on day two . . . and 6.5% less over the course of the week.

A compliment from the boss ended up having the biggest impact over the course of the entire week, and pizza was a close second. But that might be because we just don’t want pizza five days in a row.

(New York Magazine)

Kids Do Better in School If Their Teachers Are Hot

Kids Do Better in School If Their Teachers Are Hot


Are you already looking forward to parent-teacher conferences because your kid’s social studies teacher is SUPER HOT? Well here’s another, less important reason to be excited: Your kid’s probably going to get an A in that class.

According to a new study out of UNLV, students do better in school if their teacher is good looking.

The researchers had some students listen to an audio recording of a lecture and look at the photo of the person they thought was giving it.

Some of them saw a photo of an attractive teacher, and some of them saw an unattractive teacher.

And when they took a test on the lecture afterwards, the kids who thought they had a good-looking teacher got better scores. They also gave the teacher better reviews.

(ABC 13 – Las Vegas)