Was Malia Obama Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza?

Was Malia Obama Smoking Pot at Lollapalooza?

18-year-old MALIA OBAMA was REALLY living it up at Lollapalooza last month, and she probably got a little too wild.  She flashed her booty . . . did some twerking . . . and maybe SMOKED A JOINT.

A so-called “eyewitness” saw Malia toking it up during a Bryson Tiller set.  She says, quote, “You could smell the marijuana smoke.  I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit on it.

“She had it in her hand for about one minute, then gave it back to him.”  She even got video of it by pretending to take a selfie right in front of Malia, and then sold it to Radar Online.  Let’s hope Malia isn’t actually friends with this opportunist.

Okay, this isn’t a great look for Malia.  She’s going to Harvard next year, and is regularly named to lists of the most influential teenagers.

Still, it’s “only” pot, which is probably going to be legal everywhere soon enough.  Like it or not, it’s hard to find examples of successful, normal people who haven’t admitted to smoking pot . . . and that includes the guy with 21 gold medals, and the last three Presidents of the United States.


Four Tips to make your Super Bowl Party more successful!

Four Tips to make your Super Bowl Party more successful!


The most important rule for a Super Bowl party is to always make sure there’s enough food and booze. But here are four other tips that aren’t so obvious . . .

  1.  Tell people to get there early. If they all show up five minutes before the game, they won’t have time to relax and hang out. So tell them they can come an hour or two before kickoff if they want.
  2.  Have more than one TV set up. If you’ve got a lot of people coming, you might even want two in your living room so everyone isn’t crowded around the same TV. And having one you can see from the kitchen is also nice.
  3.  Play games and hand out prizes. It might sound lame, but it makes it more fun for the people who don’t actually care about football. You can print out Super Bowl bingo cards for free. Or just google “Super Bowl party games” if you need ideas.And if you want to gamble, the Super Bowl squares thing is always popular. That’s where you draw a grid . . . everyone gets numbers . . . and you win money based on the score at the end of each quarter. Download Superbowl Squares PDF here
  4.  Have a football on hand. A lot of people still like the tradition of going outside at halftime and throwing it around.


(International Business Times)


My best #superbowlbingo yet! ??

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Should Moms Include Their Parenting Skills on Their Resume? You Bet!

Should Moms Include Their Parenting Skills on Their Resume? You Bet!

Mom working from home

Being a good parent is equal parts drill sergeant, cook, doctor, house cleaner, and human waste removal specialist. So it’s good to see at least a few people are realizing those are all valuable skills.

A new Mother’s Day survey by CareerBuilder.com found 8% of women now include their parenting skills on their resume.

The survey also found companies are pretty receptive to it . . . 69% of employers say that the stuff you do as a parent does qualify as relevant experience for a job.

The five parenting skills that translate best into the corporate world are: Patience . . . multitasking . . . time management . . . conflict management . . . and problem solving.

In spite of that . . . only 52% of moms who work say they’re equally successful in their careers and their family life. 34% say they’re more successful at parenting . . . 16% say they’re doing better at their job.


Sitting in the Middle Seat as a Kid Makes You More Successful as an Adult?

Sitting in the Middle Seat as a Kid Makes You More Successful as an Adult?


Of the five seats in a car, we all know the middle seat in the back is the worst. You’re squeezed on both sides by other people, and there’s no comfortable place to put your legs. But apparently it builds character?

A new study of more than 1,000 people found that kids who usually get stuck in the middle seat grow up to be MORE SUCCESSFUL than siblings who get to sit by the windows.

90% of middle managers say they usually sat in the middle seat . . . so did 72% of business owners, and 62% of people in upper management.

Why? The theory is that all those rough days in the car give you key business skills . . . like being adaptable, rolling with the punches, and staying level-headed in uncomfortable situations.

(Daily Mail)