The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in America

The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Spots in America


Lombard Street at Night. Photo Credit: Flickr – Nan Palmero

Millions of people are going to visit some of the famous landmarks around the country this summer. And hundreds of thousands of them are going to say, “Wait . . . that’s it?”

The website Thrillist just put together a list of the 10 most overrated tourist spots in the United States. And even though the list is based totally on their opinions and not any numbers or data, it feels like they nailed it. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
  2.  The Empire State Building in New York.
  3.  The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.
  4.  Lombard Street in San Francisco, which is the world’s most crooked street.
  5.  The Statue of Liberty.
  6.  The Mall of America in Minneapolis.
  7.  The Space Needle in Seattle.
  8.  Beale Street in Memphis.
  9.  The Alamo in San Antonio.
  10.  The Magnificent Mile in Chicago.


The #1 Reality Show in Every Single State

The #1 Reality Show in Every Single State

most-popular-reality-tv-by-state.png used Google Trends to come up with a list of the three most popular reality shows in every state.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  “Sister Wives” was #1 in Utah, which is appropriate.  Both the show and its stars were originally based in the state . . . and aside from the fact that polygamy is a thing in Utah, regional stuff is big in general.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is an obvious #1 for California . . . “Pawn Stars” is #1 in Nevada . . . “Love and Hip-Hop” is #1 in Georgia . . . and “Duck Dynasty” is #1 in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

2.  “The Apprentice” is #1 in Donald Trump’s future home of Washington D.C.

3.  “The Apprentice” was #1 in the most places with SIX.  The others are Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  “Hoarders” was next with five . . . Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, and New Mexico.

4.  By the way, the folks in South Dakota really need to let go of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” . . . and leave it to those wild and crazy liberals in New York to make their #1 show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

(Review the whole report, here.  Scroll down to see every state’s Top Three.)

What Unusual Halloween Costume Does Each State Google More Than Anyone Else?

What Unusual Halloween Costume Does Each State Google More Than Anyone Else?

What Unusual Halloween Costume Does Each State Google

What Unusual Halloween Costume Does Each State Google

I like this study because it’s not about the most popular Halloween costume in each state . . . it’s about each state’s most UNUSUAL costume.

The real estate blog analyzed Google searches for the past 11 years to figure out what Halloween costume each state looks up more than anyone else. Here are five highlights:

  1.  People in California search for “pregnant nun” costumes the most.
  2.  People in Wisconsin are the most likely to want to dress up as BEER.
  3.  People in Illinois make the most searches for slutty pumpkin costumes.
  4. People in Texas are looking to explore their feminine side by dressing up as Caitlyn Jenner.
  5.  People in New Jersey search for SNOOKI costumes more than anyone else Keep in mind, the data goes back 11 years, so that covers the whole “Jersey Shore” era. Plus women there already own everything they need for the costume. Hi-YO!
  6.  And people in South Dakota search for the phrase “costume ideas” more than anyone else.


(You can see the top searches for every state here. Sadly, about one in five states didn’t have enough searches for specific costumes to make the list.)


Five Weird Thanksgiving Dishes That Are Actually Popular

Five Weird Thanksgiving Dishes That Are Actually Popular


The “New York Times” analyzed Google searches to find which Thanksgiving recipes are unusually popular in each state. And while they’re all strange, most of them sound off-the-charts indulgent. We need to start sharing this stuff people!

Here are five of the weirdest dishes . . . and they’re actually popular in MORE than one state . . .

  1. Snicker apple salad is popular in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. It’s a dessert featuring chopped up Snickers candy bars and apples in whipped cream.
  2. Frog eye salad . . . in Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. It’s a salad with pasta, fruit, eggs, whipped cream, and marshmallows.
  3. Stuffed artichokes . . . in New York and New Jersey.
  4. Pumpkin whoopee pie, in New Hampshire and Maine. It’s two pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese filling in between.
  5. Sopapilla cheesecake, in Oklahoma and Texas. Basically a cheesecake made with crescent rolls, loosely based on the Latino sopapilla pastry.

There are a few others that sound great just on their name ALONE: Cookie salad in North Dakota . . . key lime cake in Georgia . . . maple walnut pie in Vermont . . . corn pudding in Maryland . . . and pineapple casserole in South Carolina.

And the worst unusually popular Thanksgiving dish? It’s a landslide win for Oregon, where the number one choice is . . . vegan mushroom gravy.

Montana’s unusually popular Thanksgiving food is a close second . . . it’s fruit salad. Come on, Montana. Just fruit? People just one state over are mixing Snickers bars with whipped cream and calling it a salad!