New Dentist Slogan “By the way, I DON’T hunt lions.”

New Dentist Slogan “By the way, I DON’T hunt lions.”


While Cecil the lion’s killer — Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer — is facing a defaced home, a shuttered business and possible criminal charges in Zimbabwe, Hagerty says she and her husband are enjoying a far friendlier response to their approach to the natural world.

“We like people to smile,” she says. “We’re not here to hurt you.”

So, you may wonder: What does this more-gentle dentist do for fun, if killing majestic animals isn’t his bag?

Hagerty says her husband is a fan of several non-blood sports, including softball and college football.

He loves the Arkansas Razorbacks, and, in what might be seen as a big-game “ironic twist,” Hagerty says, chuckling, “he’s an Auburn Tigers fan.”

Source: Huffington Post

Celebrities Who Were Crowned Homecoming King and Queen

Celebrities Who Were Crowned Homecoming King and Queen


Celebrities love to act like they were the “weird kid” in high school.  But some were just as popular then as they are now.  Check out this list of celebs who were crowned homecoming king and queen . . .

Alan Thicke  (You can see a picture of Alan when he was pretty young here.  We don’t know his exact age in the photo.)


Andy Dick  (He actually campaigned under the slogan, “Don’t Vote for a Jock, Vote for A. Dick!”  We assume this is a picture of him when he was crowned.)


Bruce Willis  (Check him out here.)


Dakota Fanning  (Here’s a pic.)


Faith Hill  (She definitely looks better now.)


Heather Morris  (Here she is with her king.)


Jessica Simpson  (Here’s Jessica as a cheerleader back in the day.)


John Belushi  (Here’s what John looked like in high school.)


Meg Ryan  (Here’s young Meg.)


Meryl Streep  (Here’s a pic.)


Paula Abdul  (Check out Paula in high school.)


Rashida Jones  (Here’s Rashida on her throne.)


Renee Zellweger  (Here’s Renee on her big day.)


Robin Wright  (Here’s Queen Robin.)


Rosie O’Donnell  (She got the nod thanks to her, quote, “humorous look at life.”  Here’s a pic.)