Listen Up Everybody!  Singing Along to the Radio Can Cure Your Snoring

Listen Up Everybody! Singing Along to the Radio Can Cure Your Snoring


Check out six tricks to help you if you have a SNORING problem . . .

  1. Sing along to the radio. A study in 2013 found that people who sing a lot are less likely to snore, because it strengthens your throat muscles.
  2. Sew a tennis ball into the back of a t-shirt. Sleeping on a tennis ball won’t do anything, but the point is you WON’T sleep on it. You’re just much more likely to snore if you’re on your back. And the tennis ball forces you to sleep on your side instead.
  3. Do some tongue aerobics. Just stick your tongue out and try to touch your chin . . . then try to touch your nose . . . then repeat it.
  4. Put a big book under your mattress. If it’s under your head, it forces you to sit up a little, which can stop you from snoring. You can also do it with an extra pillow, but there’s a chance you’ll toss it off your bed in the middle of the night.
  5. Clean your bedroom. Dust and other allergens can stuff you up at night, so you have to breathe through your mouth, and you’re more likely to snore.
  6. Wear compression socks. It can help with sleep apnea, because it prevents fluid from building up in your lower legs during the day. A recent study found that when you lie down, that fluid can shift to your neck area, and make you snore.

(Daily Mail)

Lady Gaga, Manager Troy Carter Split

Lady Gaga, Manager Troy Carter Split


Lady Gaga and her manager Troy Carter are done. The reason is “creative differences.”

Carter created Gaga’s career in 2007 and got her a deal at Interscope. He was apparently cut out of the “ARTPop” album campaign and Gaga refused his advice.

It all came to a head the other night at the YouTube Awards when millions of people watched Gaga in the darkness singing a ballad called “Dope.”

Carter manages John Legend and other artists.


Katy Perry gives cheerleader from Arizona High School a trip of a lifetime

Katy Perry gives cheerleader from Arizona High School a trip of a lifetime


A high school in Arizona didn’t win a contest for a free concert by Katy Perry, but they are still winners in Katy’s heart. A school in Colorado was announced the winner, but Katy Perry is giving a student from the Arizona high school a trip of a lifetime.

Katy Perry issued a challenge to students to make a video from her song “Roar” and the best one would get a free concert on campus. Students in Arizona entered the contest and gave it an inspirational twist.

One of the school’s video stars was Megan Squire, a school cheerleader who has overcome the challenges of Down syndrome.

When the winning school was announced, Katy Perry said she was inspired by Squire’s story and wanted to take Squire and her friends to an event this fall where Katy will be singing.

Katy said: “I have something very special for my friend, Megan, from Verrado High School. I want to bring Megan to a special event with me as my date, at an event I’m singing. I know which one it is. It’s going to be very exciting. We’re going to get dressed up. And I want to celebrate her and hear her roar in person. Megan, thank you so much. I love you. I love your spirit. You have really inspired me.”