You Only Need to Shower Twice a Week

You Only Need to Shower Twice a Week

Did you shower this morning, or just walk out the door smelling like a dumpster? Well, “Time” magazine recently did a poll, and found a surprising number of Americans DON’T shower every day.

Only 53% said they shower at least five times a week . . . 25% said three or four times . . . 15% said twice . . . and 8% said they only shower once a week. But apparently that’s not as gross as it sounds.

According to an infectious disease expert at Columbia University, showering more than twice a week doesn’t really help as far as hygiene goes. And it might actually be a BAD thing, because it dries you out and makes you more prone to skin infections.

With that said, there ARE reasons to take more showers than that. Like if you go to the gym . . . work in the garden . . . or you just STINK. But in general, one or two showers a week is fine.

And if you LIKE to shower every day, that’s okay. But don’t scrub your whole body with a loofa, just focus on your armpits and your below-the-belt areas.


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Showers. Better in the Morning or at Night?

Showers. Better in the Morning or at Night?


Showering at night AND in the morning can be overkill, because it dries your skin out.

It also washes away the good bacteria that protects it.

Here are three times it’s better to shower at night . . .

  1.  When you wore sunblock, or had a lot of make-up on. Washing your face is okay, but the steam from a shower does a better job of cleaning off residue.
  2.  When you work in a place that isn’t very sterile, like a hospital or a daycare. In that case, shower at night so you don’t get into bed covered in germs.
  3.  When you went to the gym that day, or did anything that made you sweat a lot.

Now here are three times you should shower in the MORNING instead . . .

  1.  When you need to shave before work. Showering softens the hair up, so shaving is easier and you don’t get razor burn.
  2.  If you’re a night sweater. Obviously if you sweat all night and don’t shower, you’ll feel gross all day.
  3.  If you have really oily skin.

Oil starts building up while you sleep, and if you have REALLY oily skin, it’s probably okay to shower twice a day.

You definitely don’t want to shower more than once if you have DRY skin though.

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Four Out of Five Women Don’t Shower Every Day?

Four Out of Five Women Don’t Shower Every Day?


There’s a new survey about women’s showering habits . . . just women, not men. And that’s probably a GOOD thing. Because if WOMEN are this gross, we can’t even IMAGINE how guys would’ve fared. Check it out . . .

Only 21% of women say they shower daily . . . which means four out of five DON’T.

33% of women go as long as THREE DAYS between showers.

Two-thirds of women don’t remove all of their makeup before they go to bed . . . and one in eight don’t brush their teeth every night.

89% of women say they WISH they had better hygiene . . . but say they’re just too tired at the end of the night to do a full cleaning regimen.

(The Telegraph)