Football Scores
Week 11
  • Laredo United South 6 VS McAllen Memorial 44
  • Sharyland Pioneer 31 VS Mercedes 68
  • Brownsville Hanna 32 VS Edinburg Vela 34
  • Brownsville Lopez 17 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 25
  • Grulla 16 VS Pleasanton 32
  • Weslaco East 49 VS PSJA High 13
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS San Antonio Southwest 14
  • Sharyland High 59 VS Brownsville Pace 43
  • Rockport-Fulton 19 VS La Feria 14
Do You Shower Like Other People, or Are You Doing Weird Stuff Without Realizing It?

Do You Shower Like Other People, or Are You Doing Weird Stuff Without Realizing It?


Do you shower like other people? You probably assume you do, but you don’t ACTUALLY know. So a new survey by Buzzfeed tried to figure out exactly what the average person does in the shower. Check it out . . .

  1. 79% of people stand . . . but 6% shower sitting down. The other 15% stand most of the time, but sit to shave their legs.
  2. 68% face away from the shower head . . . 32% stand toward it.
  3. 55% make the water as hot as possible, and 45% keep it warm but not hot.
  4. Only 31% wash their hair with shampoo every day. 54% do it a few times a week . . . 12% do it once a week or less . . . and 1% NEVER do.
  5. 81% of people always wash their hair first, then their body.
  6. 76% always use conditioner after they shampoo. And 8% never use it.
  7. And finally, believe it or not, 72% of people say they pee in the shower.


Showers. Better in the Morning or at Night?

Showers. Better in the Morning or at Night?


Showering at night AND in the morning can be overkill, because it dries your skin out.

It also washes away the good bacteria that protects it.

Here are three times it’s better to shower at night . . .

  1.  When you wore sunblock, or had a lot of make-up on. Washing your face is okay, but the steam from a shower does a better job of cleaning off residue.
  2.  When you work in a place that isn’t very sterile, like a hospital or a daycare. In that case, shower at night so you don’t get into bed covered in germs.
  3.  When you went to the gym that day, or did anything that made you sweat a lot.

Now here are three times you should shower in the MORNING instead . . .

  1.  When you need to shave before work. Showering softens the hair up, so shaving is easier and you don’t get razor burn.
  2.  If you’re a night sweater. Obviously if you sweat all night and don’t shower, you’ll feel gross all day.
  3.  If you have really oily skin.

Oil starts building up while you sleep, and if you have REALLY oily skin, it’s probably okay to shower twice a day.

You definitely don’t want to shower more than once if you have DRY skin though.

(Yahoo Health)

Crazy but True! Doctors Used Skin from a Guy’s Forearm to Rebuild His Tongue, and Now He Has to Shave It

Crazy but True! Doctors Used Skin from a Guy’s Forearm to Rebuild His Tongue, and Now He Has to Shave It


A 48-year-old in England named David Billings went to the doctor about a year-and-a-half ago when he had trouble swallowing, and they found a cancerous tumor on the right side of his tongue.

Luckily they were able to remove it before the cancer spread. But then he had trouble talking, because an inch-and-a-half section of his tongue was missing.

So a surgeon rebuilt it using a skin graft from his left forearm. Which worked. That part of his tongue is still numb, and he doesn’t have taste buds there, but he can talk again.

He does have to deal with one weird side effect though. The skin from his arm still grows HAIR . . . so he has to SHAVE his tongue now.

He says it doesn’t bother him too much, and his wife doesn’t seem to notice the hair when they kiss. So he’s going au naturel for now.

(Daily Mirror)

(See a photo of his arm here.  Sadly, he hasn’t shared a picture of his tongue.)


61% of People Lie on the First Date . . . Here Are the Most Common Lies

61% of People Lie on the First Date . . . Here Are the Most Common Lies


It’s always good to kick off a potential relationship with a giant pile of LIES.

A new survey found 61% of people admit they LIE on the first date . . . that means three out of every five times you go out with someone new, they’re not going to be totally honest with you.

The most common lie that women tell is about how old they are . . . they usually shave off three to five years. They’re also much more likely than men to lie about their NAME . . . possibly to avoid Facebook stalking or more serious stalking.

The most common lie that men tell is about how much money they make . . . on average they try to seem like they’re about 20% richer than they actually are.

So . . . when does the lying stop? 44% of people say they come clean by the third date . . . 22% wait until after they say, “I love you” . . . 9% wait until MARRIAGE . . . and 25% NEVER tell the truth until they get caught.

(Daily Mail)

Women Would Rather Look Young Than Skinny

Women Would Rather Look Young Than Skinny


This is a sad but interesting debate, ladies: Would you rather have people say you look YOUNG . . . or that you look THIN?

According to a new survey, the best compliment is . . . YOUNG.

Granted, the people in new balance clearance uk the survey were all WOMEN, aged 35 and older. I’m assuming 20-year-old women don’t care if people tell them they look young. But you will one day, lady . . . you will.

The moncler jackets price survey also found women become most obsessed with aging at 39-and-a-half years old . . . 10% of women think about how old they look every single day . . . and 47% say photos are the moncler outlet uk main thing that make them think about how old they look.

21% of women say they lie about their age, and they shave off an average of five years. About one out of 10 shave off 10 years.

And here are the top 10 signs they’re aging, according to women . . .

  1. Wrinkles, 70%.
  2. Sagging breasts, 50%.
  3. Losing teeth, new balance outlet uk 37%. Which is weird, but it was a British survey.
  4. Saying, “I remember when this song first came out,” 25%.
  5. Forgetting people’s names, 24%.
  6. More frequent trips to the doctor, 23%.
  7. Forgetting where you left things, 22%.
  8. Needing naps, 22%.
  9. Back pain, 19%. new balance womens
  10. Wanting to listen to the news instead of music, 16%

(Daily Mail)