This Chart Tells You How Far You Can Drive Your Car With an Empty Fuel Tank [PIC]

This Chart Tells You How Far You Can Drive Your Car With an Empty Fuel Tank [PIC]

It happens to all of us — you’re driving along in your car, probably heading to some big, important appointment and worried about making it on time when you hear that telltale ding. The gas light.

And of course you can’t stop, so you push through to your destination, but then you’ve got to worry about finding a gas station on the way back home before your car completely dies on you. (Man, wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all drove on e-highways?) Sure, most cars include the distance to empty on their fancy instrument panel, but it’s not always accurate — especially if you’re driving in stop-and-go traffic.

Luckily, there’s a new chart out from YourMechanic that has your back. The chart lists the distance-to-empty range for the top fifty selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2015, as well as the amount of fuel the tank has before the light actually goes on.


The post from YourMechanic also includes other helpful information for the vehicle-uninformed. Like, for example, the fact that it isn’t actually good to be driving around on empty. Running out of gas can damage your car’s catalytic converter, while driving on fumes can damage the fuel pump. Who knew? (Mechanics, probably.)
The chart itself might not be perfect, but it at least gives an idea of how far you can push your car if you’re truly in one of those emergency, can’t-get-gas-now situations. One thing is for certain: it’s probably better to rely on the chart’s estimates than to test your car’s actual limits and end up stranded on the side of the road. Because then you really won’t get where you’re going.

10 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do While You’re Driving

10 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do While You’re Driving

1st-CENTRAL-driving partners.jpg

Something about being behind the wheel sure makes us HATE everybody, right? Other drivers, pedestrians, people on bicycles . . . and even the family members we’re supposed to LOVE who are sitting in the car with us.

A new survey found the 10 most annoying things that passengers do when you’re driving. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Messing with the volume on the car stereo. (Don’t touch that dial!)
  2.  Warning you about potentially dangerous things in the road.
  3.  Letting out some nervous gasps.
  4.  Commenting on how fast or slow you’re going.
  5.  Messing with the air or heat.
  6.  Criticizing your parking job.
  7.  Telling you to change lanes.
  8.  Pretending to step on the brake.
  9.  Opening or closing the windows.
  10.  Criticizing your route.


A Guy got billed $143 for saving a Family trapped in a Van

A Guy got billed $143 for saving a Family trapped in a Van


Oh California…

A guy named Derrick Deanda from Elk Grove, California was in his car last month when he saw a van swerve off the road and roll over. And he immediately stopped to help.

And it’s a good thing he did, because a guy and his three kids were trapped inside. Derrick broke a window and helped pull them out safely before the paramedics showed up.

And now, a few weeks later, Derrick got his reward . . . a $143 bill from the city.

It turns out that when Derrick broke the window on the van, he got a small cut on his hand. One of the paramedics took a quick look at it . . . so, BOOM, $143.

Derrick says he’s shocked they charged him for helping save the family. Quote, “I mean, why would I want to stop to help somebody if I’m going to get a bill?”

(CBS 13 – Sacramento

Ten Gifts Men Actually Want for Valentine’s Day

Ten Gifts Men Actually Want for Valentine’s Day


There was a discussion on Reddit where actual guys said what they want for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’ll give you a few ideas. Or not. These are their actual words.

  1. “A couples’ deep tissue massage . . . about an hour in the steam room . . . ice cold beer . . . a medium-rare porterhouse, baked potato, mushroom, salad dinner . . . and relax to an action movie of my choice.”
  2. “I personally prefer experiences over material objects. Make me dinner, give me a gift certificate that says I can tie you up and have my way with you, or take me on a road trip.”
  3. “A Darth Vader onesie.”
  4. “Things that I’ll use. A nice wallet, sunglasses, Chapstick, a nice coffee cup.”

    I got my Valentines Day present from my babe. I’ve never owned expensive sunglasses. Yeah, she loves me. 🙂

    A photo posted by Anthony Acosta (@elitistczar) on

  5. “Something that gets me a little closer to my dreams or hobbies.”
  6. “The greatest gift is that my old lady and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.”
  7. (CAREFUL!) “Enthusiastic oral sex.”
  8. “Kinky sex. Seriously, it may sound cheap or insincere but, as a man, there is nothing I want more than to have it my way on Valentine’s Day.”
  9. “Two tickets to see my favorite team play.”
  10. “A day with my girlfriend alone, no clocks, no cellphones, only her . . . and sex.”
“Road House” Remake Will Star Ronda Rousey

“Road House” Remake Will Star Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey (Photo Credit: REX)

If you’re one of those people who are OUTRAGED that they’re remaking “Ghostbusters” with women, then I have even WORSE news for you. Because the star of the upcoming “Road House” remake is . . . UFC women’s champ RONDA ROUSEY.

It’s one thing to turn Aykroyd, Murray, Ramis, and Ernie Hudson into chicks . . . but Swayze? SWAYZE???

Although let’s look at this a little more closely: Swayze was prettier than Ronda on his worst day, and on his best day he was nowhere near the fighter she is.

So if we’re being honest, “Road House” is FINALLY getting the true, real-life ass-kicker it deserves in the lead role.

Plus, Ronda reached out to Patrick’s widow Lisa Niemi, and got her approval. She Tweeted, quote, “It is a great honor to play a part in celebrating the life of a man that inspired so many.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity to pay respect to the beloved Patrick Swayze. I promise to work incessantly to make sure this project is a tribute his family and fans can be proud of.”