Football Scores
Week 11
  • Rockport-Fulton 19 VS La Feria 14
  • Sharyland Pioneer 31 VS Mercedes 68
  • Brownsville Hanna 32 VS Edinburg Vela 34
  • Brownsville Lopez 17 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 25
  • Grulla 16 VS Pleasanton 32
  • Weslaco East 49 VS PSJA High 13
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS San Antonio Southwest 14
  • Sharyland High 59 VS Brownsville Pace 43
  • Laredo United South 6 VS McAllen Memorial 44
  • McAllen Rowe 17 VS Laredo Alexander 42
  • Los Fresnos 34 VS Edinburg High 14
  • Edinburg North 7 VS San Benito 50
Scientists Figured Out the Ideal Way to Dump Someone

Scientists Figured Out the Ideal Way to Dump Someone

If you’re dumping someone, is it better to break it to them gently, or just come right out and say it? According to a new study, the gentle approach is VERY overrated . . .

Researchers at BYU gave 145 people a bunch of ‘bad news’ scenarios. And in almost every situation, they said they’d prefer it if the person was straightforward, honest, and fairly blunt about it. Softening it just makes it harder on them.

That doesn’t mean you should just blurt it out with no warning though. Ideally, you want to give them a few seconds to realize they’re about to get bad news. THEN be blunt.

A lame line like “we need to talk” is good enough. You just need to clue them into the fact that bad news is coming. Then follow it up with something straightforward like, “This isn’t working. I think we should break up.”

The study found that beating around the bush any more than that can make it easier on YOU, but not the person you’re breaking up with. So if you drag it out, you’re actually being SELFISH.

The same thing also applies for other types of bad news. Like if you have to fire someone, it’s better to just be straightforward about it.

And we don’t want ANY sort of buffer if we’re getting bad news about our health. We just want the doctor to give us the facts, and be upfront about it.


More Than Half of People Will Give Their Pet a Valentine’s Day Gift

More Than Half of People Will Give Their Pet a Valentine’s Day Gift

Even if you’re single, maybe you won’t feel alone today thanks to your cat or dog.  But if you’re single and don’t have a pet . . . um, no offense, I guess?

According to a new survey, 54% of people with pets are giving them a Valentine’s gift this year.  And that makes sense, because we’re in VERY affectionate relationships with them.

91% tell their pets they love them . . . 70% let them sleep in their bed . . . and 32% kiss them on the lips, bacteria be damned.

(PR Newswire)


The CRAZY Way Your Sibling And Birth Order Affects Your Personality

The CRAZY Way Your Sibling And Birth Order Affects Your Personality


Your sibling relationships says a lot about your relationships with others. Here are a few sibling facts, according to the book, “The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds of Brothers and Sisters Reveal About Us.”

Here are brief descriptions of the main “players” in families:

1. Oldest

Firstborns often model parents’ behavior. They like taking charge and have oodles of confidence. Adults take them seriously and that boosts their confidence. When parents gush over every firstborn “first,” it motivates oldest children to achieve. They can easily become perfectionists. They also may have trouble admitting when they’re wrong.

2. Middle

The second-born will seek out a role that’s completely the opposite of the first born. They are also negotiators, remain agreeable, more relaxed attitude and compromising. They handle disappointment well and have realistic expectations. They are also the least likely to be spoiled and tend to be the most independent. They will go along with most people but often feel left out and neglected.

3. Youngest

Parents tend to let things slide once the last child comes along. Last borns usually do get away with more than their siblings do. They shoulder less responsibility, so they’re more likely to be carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate, sociable and funny.
Last borns will often become more rebellious and might be spoiled and manipulative.

4. Only Children

They are often self-entertainers and often the most creative, because they spend so much time alone. They are confident, pay considerable attention to detail, and tend to do well in school. They may develop a self-centered streak because they are used to feeling important.

The Top 10 Naughty Things We Did This Year

The Top 10 Naughty Things We Did This Year

The Top 10 Naughty Things We Did This Year

The Top 10 Naughty Things We Did This Year

Regardless of whether you were “naughty” or “nice” this year, you’re going to get Christmas presents.

It’s like how you basically HAVE to tip a server even if they’re terrible.

Or how we HAVE to elect one of these idiots president.

A new survey found the top 10 NAUGHTY things we did this year. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  57% faked being sick to get out of doing something.
  2.  52% used their kids as an excuse to get out of doing something.
  3.  33% threw trash in a recycling bin.
  4.  33% lied to their significant other about where they were going or what they were doing.
  5.  29% had sexual thoughts about their significant other’s friends.
  6.  27% gossiped. Which seems WAY too low.
  7.  19% of people in relationships cheated. Which seems kinda high, right?
  8.  17% cheated on their taxes.
  9.  8% bullied someone.
  10.  And 7% of the people who found a purse or wallet KEPT it.

(PR Newswire)

There’s a New Service That Will Dump Someone For You  :(

There’s a New Service That Will Dump Someone For You :(


The modern non-confrontational way to DUMP someone is with a text message. But if you’re too much of a coward to even do THAT . . . this could be your answer.

A 37-year-old woman named Kristy Mazins in Melbourne, Australia just started a new business called Sorry It’s Over, where she’ll dump someone FOR you.

You tell her why you want to end things, and she’ll contact the person to gently but firmly deliver the news. She charges around $4.50 to text or email them . . . $10 to call them . . . or $55 to sit down with them face-to-face.

Kristy says she started the business when she realized the people today in their 20s are tech savvy . . . but terrible at confrontation.

She also says she’s got a knack for breaking up with people so they aren’t devastated. Quote, “I’m quite good at mediating people’s relationships. It’s a gift.” You can see more at her website,

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