Football Scores
Week 11
  • Rockport-Fulton 19 VS La Feria 14
  • Sharyland Pioneer 31 VS Mercedes 68
  • Brownsville Hanna 32 VS Edinburg Vela 34
  • Brownsville Lopez 17 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 25
  • Grulla 16 VS Pleasanton 32
  • Weslaco East 49 VS PSJA High 13
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS San Antonio Southwest 14
  • Sharyland High 59 VS Brownsville Pace 43
  • Laredo United South 6 VS McAllen Memorial 44
  • McAllen Rowe 17 VS Laredo Alexander 42
  • Los Fresnos 34 VS Edinburg High 14
  • Edinburg North 7 VS San Benito 50
How Many of These Weird Habits Do You Have?

How Many of These Weird Habits Do You Have?

Do you ever wonder if other people share the same weird habits as you? Well we found an online survey about it. Here are eight questions we liked . . .

1. When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they’ll think you’re shoplifting? 75% of people said yes.

2. When you write the word “Wednesday,” do you sound it out in your head as “Wed-ness-day”? 85% of us do it.

3. Do you pace around and fidget with stuff while you’re on the phone? 78% said yes.

4. Do you cringe when you hear a recording of your own voice? 82% said yes.

5. Do you ever worry other people are judging you for how fast your windshield wipers are going in light rain? 52% say yes.

6. When you’re reading a book, do you ever space out . . . read a whole page . . . and then not remember any of it? 97% say yes.

7. Do you ever close Facebook or Twitter because you’re bored with it . . . then open it back up one second later without thinking? 93% say yes.

8. Do you ever respond to your pet by saying, “I know” after they bark or meow? 83% of us do it.


5 Weird Things That Make People not like You

5 Weird Things That Make People not like You

Greg Burkett

Photo Credit: Flickr Greg Burkett – Super closeup selfie

We found a list online of weird things that can make people dislike you. Here are five we thought were pretty interesting . . .

  1. Opening up too much to someone you just met. You shouldn’t reveal anything too personal until you’ve known each other for a little while. You might think you’re just being open and honest, but it can actually come across as insecure.
  2. Asking too many questions. Most people like talking about themselves, so you SHOULD asked questions. But it’s a fine line, and you have to let them ask questions too, so they don’t feel like you’re just grilling them.
  3. Always saying yes when someone asks for a favor. A recent study found it can make it seem like you have ulterior motives. So it’s okay to say no sometimes, especially if there’s a legitimate reason you can’t do something.
  4. Playing hard to get. Sometimes it can work, but so can being honest when you like someone. A recent study found people were more prone to like someone if they thought the person liked THEM first.
  5. Posting too many selfies. Especially for people you just met. A recent study found that photos taken from four-to-five feet away make you seem more trustworthy and competent than photos taken from 18 inches away.

(Business Insider)

Have Tinder/Hinge Success! 3 things that work to start a conversation

Have Tinder/Hinge Success! 3 things that work to start a conversation

best ways to start a conversation

There’s a dating app called Hinge that’s like Tinder, but only matches you up with friends-of-friends on Facebook. And they just did a study to find out the best ways to start a conversation when you’re doing online dating.

Here are three results that are kind of interesting, even if you DON’T use dating apps.

1. Guys are 98% more likely to reply to ASSERTIVE messages. Women are 40% more likely to reply to FOOD-related things, like “What’s your favorite type of cake?”

2. Men are 25% LESS likely to respond if you wait more than six hours to message them after you’re matched up. But the response rate for women only drops by 5%.

3. People over 35 are more likely to respond to messages about pop culture . . . 29-to-34-year-olds like more personal messages . . . 24-to-28-year-olds respond more to lifestyle questions and things like, “What are your plans this weekend” . . . and 18-to-23-year-olds like weird questions that catch them off guard.

The survey also tested a bunch of pre-written icebreakers to see how well they’d do.

And asking the person to respond with “Two truths and a lie” had the best response rate.

It got 31% more replies than average.


Hinge – Apple | Android

Tinder – Apple | Android

The Ten Most Common Illegal Interview Questions . . . Plus Five Weird Ones That Aren’t Illegal

The Ten Most Common Illegal Interview Questions . . . Plus Five Weird Ones That Aren’t Illegal


A new survey by Career Builder had more than 2,000 hiring managers look at a list of questions, and decide whether or not they’re legal to ask in an interview. And a THIRD of them didn’t know.

Here are the top ten questions they didn’t realize they’re not allowed to ask . . .

  1.  “What’s your religion?”
  2.  “Are you pregnant?”
  3.  “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”
  4.  “What’s your ethnicity?”
  5.  “How old are you?”
  6.  “Are you disabled?”
  7.  “Are you married?”
  8.  “Do you have kids, or plan to?”
  9.  “Are you in debt?”
  10.  “Do you drink or smoke?”

The survey also asked for the WEIRDEST questions interviewers ask. And all five of these ARE legal . . .

  1.  “How would you wrangle a herd of cats?” They ask it to see how organized you are.
  2.  “Do you believe in life on other planets?” Your answer can reveal how open-minded you are.
  3.  “What superpower would you like to have?” They ask it to see if your answer reveals anything about how you view your own strengths and weaknesses.
  4.  “If you were stranded on a desert island, which two items would you like to have?” Which is one that’s kind of a cliché at this point. But what you choose can show how good you are at dealing with situations where you have limited resources.
  5.  “If you were trapped in a blender, how would you get out?” How you answer apparently shows how creative your problem-solving skills are. (Or maybe they just want to see if you have the guts to ask what the HELL they’re talking about.)

(PR Newswire)