The New Sexy Pose is “Fingermouthing” . . . the Duckface Is Over

The New Sexy Pose is “Fingermouthing” . . . the Duckface Is Over

You probably know about the DUCKFACE, even if you’ve never done it yourself. It’s that face women make in selfies to look sexy, where they pucker their lips like they’re about to kiss someone.

Well, duckface is OVER. The new sexy pose for selfies is “fingermouthing.” That’s where you gently and strategically position your fingers on and around your lips.

Maybe you’re pulling on your lips a little, maybe just brushing against them, whatever it takes to look sexy and flirtatious . . . and maybe a little shy and mysterious.

A woman named Kristen Hancher who posts style photos on Instagram says it’s definitely now a “thing.”

Quote, “It feels more natural than to just pose. There’s some seductive implication as well, considering it brings focus towards the lips, but it also helps frame your face.”


A Study Finds the Best Pose to Help You Attract People in Online Dating

A Study Finds the Best Pose to Help You Attract People in Online Dating

Whether or not someone swipes right on you on Tinder usually comes down to a matter of SECONDS. They glance at your picture, make an instant judgment, and swipe. So you’d better make that picture count.

A new study out of Princeton University found the best pose for getting dates. And the trick is . . . to spread yourself out.

The researchers found that people who had pictures where they held their arms out to the sides or put their feet on a desk and leaned back with their hands behind their head had more success than people who crossed their arms or kept their arms in tight.

And the difference is significant: People who stretched themselves out in their photos got almost TWICE as many messages as people who closed themselves off.

The researchers say that basically, you’re just like a peacock. Quote, “In the animal world, taking up more space and maximizing presence is used as a signal for attracting a mate.

“By exerting dominance, they’re trying to signal, ‘I am able to do things, I have a space, I have access to resources.”


(Here are two good “open” poses and two bad “closed” poses.)


Three Friends You Shouldn’t Work Out With

Three Friends You Shouldn’t Work Out With


Working out with a friend is great, but only if it’s the RIGHT friend. According to experts, here are three friends you SHOULDN’T work out with.

1. Your friend who’s in crazy good shape. Unless you’re ALSO in great shape. A recent study found you’re three times more likely to keep working out if you do it with someone who’s about the SAME age, weight, and fitness level.

2. Your friend who always yells stuff like, “You’ve got this!” Researchers at Michigan State University had people hold a yoga pose, and timed them.

And it turned out they actually held the pose longer WITHOUT someone saying things like, “You can do it” or “Keep it up.” Because even though the person is trying to encourage you, they sounded patronizing instead, and make it harder to focus.

3. Your friend who HATES working out. Researchers at the University of New Hampshire found that when they asked people for a positive memory about exercise, they were much more likely to go to the gym in the next week.

And the opposite was true when they asked for a negative memory. So the idea is that if you always work out with someone who talks about how TERRIBLE the gym is, YOU’LL start feeling negative about it, and then you’ll stop going.


(Men’s Health)

New Photo Trend Alert: 'Fakecationing' . . . Where You Take Fake Vacation Photos in Front of Pictures of Exotic Places

New Photo Trend Alert: 'Fakecationing' . . . Where You Take Fake Vacation Photos in Front of Pictures of Exotic Places

Do you feel like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world? Well now, you can make THEM feel like garbage without even leaving your house.

There’s a new photo trend online called ‘Fakecationing,’ where people take FAKE vacation photos. It’s basically photos of them in front of PHOTOS of exotic places. Get it?

The main technique is to put a photo of a beach or the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower up on your TV or computer screen . . . then pose in front and frame the photo so it looks like you’re there.

Some people are even faking those “hot dog legs” beach photos, by posing their fingers like legs. (Buzzfeed) (Here are some examples and some “behind-the-scenes” shots of how you take one.)

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