Football Scores
Week 7
  • PSJA Southwest 10 VS PSJA North 17
  • Rio Grande City 14 VS Laredo Nixon 31
  • Edinburg North 28 VS Edinburg Economedes 14
  • Progreso 0 VS Raymondville 43
  • McAllen High 7 VS La Joya Juarez-Lincoln 17
  • Weslaco East 20 VS Harlingen High 17
  • Santa Maria 27 VS Three Rivers 53
  • Brownsville St. Joseph 56 VS Marine Military Academy 16
  • Brownsville Pace 34 VS Donna North 27
  • Grulla 16 VS Zapata 14
  • Brownsville Rivera 0 VS Weslaco High 72
  • Sharyland High 56 VS Sharyland Pioneer 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS McAllen Memorial 24
  • Monte Alto 0 VS Hebbronville 59
  • Mercedes 34 VS Edcouch-Elsa 14
  • Laredo Martin 51 VS Roma 17
  • Mission High 21 VS McAllen Rowe 27
  • Harlingen South 16 VS San Benito 48
  • Santa Gertrudis Academy 12 VS Santa Rosa 13
  • Valley View 12 VS Laredo Cigarroa 17
  • Rio Hondo 30 VS Wes Oso 15
  • Lyford 21 VS Bishop 9
  • PSJA High 45 VS Edinburg High 28
  • Donna High 52 VS Brownsville Porter 14
The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time

The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time

Blurred Lines (Official Video) by T.I. & Robin Thicke & Pharrell on VEVO. has put together a list of ‘The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time.’  To do it, they looked at the most popular songs from Memorial Day up through Labor Day, for every year from 1959 to 2016.

Then, they ranked them based on each song’s chart performance on the Hot 100.  So, there was a bunch of calculation involved, and no personal preferences.  This list is 100% MATHEMATICALLY SOUND!  (???)

Here’s the Top 20:

  1.  “I’ll Be Missing You”, Puff Daddy and Faith Evans featuring 112, 1997
  2.  “The Boy Is Mine”, Brandy and Monica, 1998
  3.  “Tossin’ and Turnin'”, Bobby Lewis, 1961
  4.  “Blurred Lines”, Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell, 2013
  5.  “Every Breath You Take”, The Police, 1983
  6.  “We Belong Together”, Mariah Carey, 2005
  7.  “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”, Andy Gibb, 1977
  8.  “When Doves Cry”, Prince & the Revolution, 1984
  9.  “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”, Bryan Adams, 1991
  10.  “Alone Again (Naturally)”, Gilbert O’Sullivan, 1972
  11.  “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, The Rolling Stones, 1965
  12.  “Hot in Herre”, Nelly, 2002
  13.  “Bad Girls”, Donna Summer, 1979
  14.  “Roses Are Red (My Love)”, Bobby Vinton, 1962
  15.  “I’m Sorry”, Brenda Lee, 1960
  16.  “In the Year 2525”, Zager & Evans, 1969
  17.  “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor, 1982
  18.  “Lonely Boy”, Paul Anka, 1959
  19.  “Umbrella”, Rihanna featuring Jay Z, 2007
  20.  “Crazy in Love”, Beyoncé featuring Jay Z, 2003

( has the whole Top 100)

What Does Every State Search For the Most on Cinco de Mayo?

What Does Every State Search For the Most on Cinco de Mayo?

Today is Cinco de Mayo, which is a holiday that commemorates a battle victory by Mexico over France in 1862.  Oddly enough, it’s way more popular in America than it is in Mexico.

Anyway, a website called just analyzed Google searches from last year’s Cinco de Mayo to find out what holiday-related search was the most popular in every state.  Here are some highlights . . .

1.  In 13 states, the most common search was, “What is Cinco de Mayo?”  We can’t blast anyone who wants some education.

2.  We CAN blast the four states where the top search was “When is Cinco de Mayo?” though.  Not a good look, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana.

3.  Tequila or tequila sunrise was the top search in eight states.

4.  Searches for different Mexican restaurants were popular in 15 states, but only one of them searched for TACO BELL:  Utah.

5.  And finally, there were three states that Googled something about Mexican culture that isn’t food.  Wyoming and Rhode Island’s top search was for the Mexican flag . . . and Louisiana’s was for sombreros.



Here’s some stupid one-liners about Cinco de Mayo.

  • Some people mistakenly think it’s Mexican Independence Day. The rest don’t care as long as the bartender keeps refilling their margaritas.
  • It’s the only day of the year your liver says, “No mas.”
  • There’s a movie in the works about Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza’s victory over the French . . . starring Tom Cruise.
  • It’s the one time a year Americans get to let loose and have a few drinks.
  • By some crazy coincidence, it always happens to fall on the 5th of May.
  • People think it celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain. But it actually celebrates Mexico’s independence from sobriety.
  • Once you drink your tenth beer, it’s traditional to yell “GOAAAAAALLLL!!!”
  • It’s one of about five million holidays around the world that all commemorate a military victory against France.
  • Millions of Americans will pack Mexican restaurants today . . . and others will go to Taco Bell.
  • In Spanish it means “Fifth of May”. And in English it means “I’m going to dress in offensive stereotypical costumes as an excuse to get drunk”.
  • Mike Pence wants to replace it with a day celebrating white people called Cinco de Mayonnaise.
  • It’s racist. But in a harmless way. Like Aunt Jemima.


Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Before you get too drunk to remember these, here are six random stats about St. Patrick’s Day . . .

1. 56% of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.

2. 83% of those people will wear green.

3. We’ll spend a total of $5.3 BILLION celebrating it this year . . . or about $38 per person.

4. Worldwide, we’ll drink 13 million pints of Guinness today.

5. We’ll eat 70% more cabbage this week than normal.

6. And St. Patrick’s Day is just the FOURTH most popular drinking holiday. The top three are New Year’s, Christmas, and the Fourth of July.

(Wallet Hub)

Only 31% of People Think 2016 Was a Terrible Year

Only 31% of People Think 2016 Was a Terrible Year

There’s been a LOT of talk about 2016 being the worst year ever.

Tons of beloved celebrities died, social media became an unbearable cesspool, racism got super popular again, and, of course, depending on your political views, you know how all that went.

But according to a new poll from the “Huffington Post” and, most people don’t think 2016 was really THAT bad.

Only 31% say the year went terribly for this country, and only 19% think it went terribly for them personally.

Now . . . that definitely DOESN’T mean 2016 was great.  Only 4% of people think the year was excellent for the country, and only 6% say it was excellent for them personally.  Yikes.

But in spite of all that, somehow we’re STILL optimistic.  34% think 2017 will go better for the country, and 40% think it will go better for us personally.

(Huffington Post)

The Top Signs You’re At A Redneck Halloween Party

The Top Signs You’re At A Redneck Halloween Party

Houston native, 1st Lt. Jamie Arrington, 610th Brigade Support Battalion Physicians Assistant, gets a laugh from the crowd as he poses in his "redneck" costume during the Company C, 610th BSB "Charlie Med" Halloween party at the Forward Operating Base Falcon, Troop Medical Clinic, Oct. 28.

Redneck costume, complete with mullet.


Here are some great zingers/dad jokes to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Behold, the Top Signs You’re At A Redneck Halloween Party

  • That zombie who’s missing the bottom half of his face is actually a guy who got mouth cancer from Redman.
  • The only thing that’s really scary is the giant Confederate flag on the living room wall.
  • It’s your first time hearing “Don’t Fear the Reaper” played by a guy blowing into a jug.
  • All the dummies hanging from the trees in the yard look suspiciously like President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  • Almost everyone’s dressed as Daryl from “The Walking Dead” because what the heck, they already had a crossbow and a Harley.
  • There’s no need for strobe lights when you can get the same effect by drinking what they’re mixing in the bathtub out back.
  • Little Red Riding Hood has two full tattoo sleeves.
  • Nobody dresses as ghosts because they don’t want to dirty their Klan robes.
  • The witches are brewing meth.
  • The winner of the scariest costume contest is dressed as a Democrat.
  • The most popular costume is the “Sexy Cousin.”
  • The pumpkin carving knife is covered in leftover squirrel meat.
  • Everyone jumped from fright at the sight of an empty beer cooler.
  • Any women dressed as a witch hears, “Oh, nice Hillary Clinton costume!”
  • Not one person asks, “So, read any good books lately?”