DAME in the Studio (Photos)

DAME in the Studio (Photos)


Sometimes life has an uncanny way of combining the right ingredients. What started out as a group of teenage vocalists, enjoying an after-school program, has turned into what may be the world’s next female pop explosion. KVLY had the pleasure of interviewing these fantastic vocalists in our studios. Here are the photos


Have Tinder/Hinge Success! 3 things that work to start a conversation

Have Tinder/Hinge Success! 3 things that work to start a conversation

best ways to start a conversation

There’s a dating app called Hinge that’s like Tinder, but only matches you up with friends-of-friends on Facebook. And they just did a study to find out the best ways to start a conversation when you’re doing online dating.

Here are three results that are kind of interesting, even if you DON’T use dating apps.

1. Guys are 98% more likely to reply to ASSERTIVE messages. Women are 40% more likely to reply to FOOD-related things, like “What’s your favorite type of cake?”

2. Men are 25% LESS likely to respond if you wait more than six hours to message them after you’re matched up. But the response rate for women only drops by 5%.

3. People over 35 are more likely to respond to messages about pop culture . . . 29-to-34-year-olds like more personal messages . . . 24-to-28-year-olds respond more to lifestyle questions and things like, “What are your plans this weekend” . . . and 18-to-23-year-olds like weird questions that catch them off guard.

The survey also tested a bunch of pre-written icebreakers to see how well they’d do.

And asking the person to respond with “Two truths and a lie” had the best response rate.

It got 31% more replies than average.


Hinge – Apple | Android

Tinder – Apple | Android

The New Stupid Internet Trend is the “Thighbrow”

The New Stupid Internet Trend is the “Thighbrow”



There’s a new stupid internet trend you might have heard about . . . or will soon. It’s called the “thighbrow.”

It’s just a made-up name for the crease, fold, or roll of flesh that forms between a woman’s upper thigh and their hip when they bend forward, sit, or kneel. Yes, apparently that needed a name.

Think “Kardashian” or just women in bathing suits in general. Although we suppose it happens to guys too? It’s basically part of the whole booty trend, where bigger is better . . . since thicker hips and a big butt tend to create more thighbrow.

It’s more of a hashtag on Instagram than a trend, but whatever. You’ll see a ton of examples if you Google it. Just know that your screen will be filled with photos of scantily clad women.

Yes, we know . . . it makes no sense, because it’s not even really a ‘thing.’ But at least almost anyone can do it?

And if you see it pop up, now you know.

You’re welcome.




Well that sucks; Your Packages Are About to Be Wrapped in Bubble Wrap That Doesn’t Pop

Well that sucks; Your Packages Are About to Be Wrapped in Bubble Wrap That Doesn’t Pop


Everything you once loved is eventually ruined. Nothing ever changes for the better. Life is just empty darkness. Sorry, where was I . . .

Sealed Air Corp. is the company that makes Bubble Wrap, and they’re about to start selling a version that YOU CAN’T POP. They gave it a horrible name, too: iBubble Wrap.

Its bubbles are part of a chain and they aren’t individually inflated, so you can’t pop them.

Sealed Air will sell the stuff UNINFLATED, and companies will have to pay about $5,500 for a pump that inflates it.

But it’ll save Sealed Air a lot of money, and over time it will save those companies money because this stuff will be cheaper than old-fashioned Bubble Wrap.

It’ll also be good for the companies like Amazon because the uninflated wrap takes up less space in their warehouses . . . and they can use that extra room to stock more products.

Traditional Bubble Wrap will still be on sale . . . but you can expect that pretty soon, a lot of the packages you get will use this new version.


Good Guy CEO Is Paying for All His Employees’ Kids to Go to College

Good Guy CEO Is Paying for All His Employees’ Kids to Go to College


Ahem… cough cough… I hope our bosses are listening, because I could use some extra cash.

Chieh Huang is the CEO of Boxed.com . . . they sell stuff like toilet paper and laundry detergent in bulk, and mail it to you. And he recently decided to add a new perk for his employees . . . he’s going to pay for ALL of their kids to go to college.

He says he’ll cover four years of tuition for each kid, and it doesn’t matter what college they choose. There’s no cap on it, so even if they need 60 grand a year to go to Harvard, he’ll pay.

The money is coming out of his own pocket, and a few investors are pitching in. He says he doesn’t actually think of it as a perk, he just wants his employees to know he’s committed to making sure their families are taken care of.

Right now, the company has about 100 employees. And apparently most of them are pretty young, because they only have 12 kids total.

But obviously that’ll change . . . especially now that they know they can pop out as many kids as they want, and not worry about paying for their education.

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