Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Before you get too drunk to remember these, here are six random stats about St. Patrick’s Day . . .

1. 56% of us are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.

2. 83% of those people will wear green.

3. We’ll spend a total of $5.3 BILLION celebrating it this year . . . or about $38 per person.

4. Worldwide, we’ll drink 13 million pints of Guinness today.

5. We’ll eat 70% more cabbage this week than normal.

6. And St. Patrick’s Day is just the FOURTH most popular drinking holiday. The top three are New Year’s, Christmas, and the Fourth of July.

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5 Things to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day That Aren’t Beer

5 Things to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day That Aren’t Beer

5 Things to Drink on St. Patrick's Day That Aren't Beer

Obviously most people order beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  But here are five other drinks you can order at most bars.

Or if you’re having people over, they’re easy enough to make at home . . .

  1. An Irish Mule.  It’s like a Moscow Mule, but with Irish whiskey instead of vodka, and ginger ALE instead of ginger BEER.  It’s half a can of ginger ale with ice . . . whiskey . . . and a little bit of lime juice.
  2. A Pillow Mint.  It’s Irish whiskey on the rocks . . . a half-ounce of Kahlua . . . and a splash of peppermint schnapps.
  3. A Misty Mint.  You fill three-quarters of a glass with ice . . . add white rum . . . and crème de menthe to make it bright green.
  4. A Baby Guinness.  It’s a shot made with Kahlua and Baileys, so it kind of looks like Guinness.
  5. A Black Velvet.  This one actually does have some beer in it.  You fill two thirds of a glass with champagne, and then fill the rest with Guinness.  And you have to pour the Guinness in last or it won’t mix right.

(Here are seven St. Patrick’s Day cocktails you also might want to try.  They’re a little trickier to make though.) 

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