Oscar Mayer created a Dating App for People Who Love Bacon

Oscar Mayer created a Dating App for People Who Love Bacon

Sure, your unconditional love of bacon might give you heart disease . . . but it could also help you find ACTUAL love.

Oscar Mayer released a DATING app yesterday.

It’s called Sizzl, and it only matches you up with other people obsessed with BACON.

Obviously it’s a marketing ploy, but it IS an actual app.

It matches you with people based on your bacon preferences, and a ton of people are already signed up.

When you build your profile, EVERY question is about bacon.

First it asks if you prefer pork or turkey bacon . . . which should actually be a question on EVERY dating site.

Because if you say turkey, you’re un-datable.

It also asks if you like thick cut . . . smoked . . . maplewood . . . or low sodium bacon.

Then you have to say whether you like it chewy, crispy, or burnt.

And the last question asks what you’d do if you were on a date, and there was one strip of bacon left . . . would you take it, let your date have it, or share it with them? Apparently they’re expecting people to go on a lot of breakfast dates.

You can download the app at FindBaconLove.com.

So far it’s only available for iPhone users.


So it’s come to this. Parents Are Now Punishing Kids by Taking Away Their Gadgets . . . and Forcing Them to Watch TV

So it’s come to this. Parents Are Now Punishing Kids by Taking Away Their Gadgets . . . and Forcing Them to Watch TV

Child with Tablet

More than half of children have a tablet, according to the survey Photo: Getty Images

So it’s come to this. Apparently the new way to punish your kids is . . . making them watch TV.

No, seriously. According to a new survey it’s actually pretty popular . . . AND effective.

Kids are so OBSESSED with their gadgets that almost HALF of parents say that sometimes, they punish them by confiscating their phones and iPads and making them watch TV instead.

One kid they interviewed said, quote, “The iPad’s cool, TV isn’t that good because you can’t control it. Basically, the TV sucks.”

The survey also found 58% of kids have their own tablet . . . and 41% of parents believe their kid would choose their tablet over dessert.

(The Telegraph)

Scientists Figured Out Why We’re Obsessed With Cat Videos

Scientists Figured Out Why We’re Obsessed With Cat Videos

If you had to sum up the Internet in two words, “cat videos” might not be a bad call. But HOW did they become that much of an obsession?

Scientists at Indiana University have finally figured it out.

They had people assess their moods before they watched a few cat videos on YouTube, then assess their moods after.

And once people had watched a few, they felt happier, more energetic, more positive, less anxious, and less annoyed. They also didn’t feel any GUILT over procrastinating for the sake of cat videos.

Those are a lot of the same results we get from actually being with a cat and petting it. So the researchers think that translates over the Internet, and THAT’S why we love watching cats online.

By the way, cat videos get more average views than any other type of videos on YouTube. There were more than two million cat videos uploaded last year, and they got almost 26 BILLION views.

(Daily Mail)


Women Would Rather Look Young Than Skinny

Women Would Rather Look Young Than Skinny


This is a sad but interesting debate, ladies: Would you rather have people say you look YOUNG . . . or that you look THIN?

According to a new survey, the best compliment is . . . YOUNG.

Granted, the people in new balance clearance uk the survey were all WOMEN, aged 35 and older. I’m assuming 20-year-old women don’t http://www.the-way.co.uk/ care if people tell them they look young. But you will one day, lady . . . you will.

The moncler jackets price survey also found women become most obsessed with aging at 39-and-a-half years old . . . 10% of women think about how old they look every single day . . . and 47% say photos are the moncler outlet uk main thing that make them think about how old they look.

21% of women say they lie about their age, and they shave off an average of five years. About one out of 10 shave off 10 years.

And here are the top 10 signs they’re aging, according to women . . .

  1. Wrinkles, 70%.
  2. Sagging breasts, 50%.
  3. Losing teeth, new balance outlet uk 37%. Which is weird, but it was a British survey.
  4. Saying, “I remember when this song first came out,” 25%.
  5. Forgetting people’s names, 24%.
  6. More frequent trips to the doctor, 23%.
  7. Forgetting where you left things, 22%.
  8. Needing naps, 22%.
  9. Back pain, 19%. new balance womens
  10. Wanting to listen to the news instead of music, 16%

(Daily Mail)