The #1 Reality Show in Every Single State

The #1 Reality Show in Every Single State

most-popular-reality-tv-by-state.png used Google Trends to come up with a list of the three most popular reality shows in every state.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  “Sister Wives” was #1 in Utah, which is appropriate.  Both the show and its stars were originally based in the state . . . and aside from the fact that polygamy is a thing in Utah, regional stuff is big in general.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is an obvious #1 for California . . . “Pawn Stars” is #1 in Nevada . . . “Love and Hip-Hop” is #1 in Georgia . . . and “Duck Dynasty” is #1 in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

2.  “The Apprentice” is #1 in Donald Trump’s future home of Washington D.C.

3.  “The Apprentice” was #1 in the most places with SIX.  The others are Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  “Hoarders” was next with five . . . Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, and New Mexico.

4.  By the way, the folks in South Dakota really need to let go of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” . . . and leave it to those wild and crazy liberals in New York to make their #1 show “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

(Review the whole report, here.  Scroll down to see every state’s Top Three.)

The Three Brands People Google Most in Each State

The Three Brands People Google Most in Each State

Is there a better way to understand America than by our favorite BRANDS?  No, there isn’t.

A website called Direct Capital just analyzed Google searches to figure out the top three BRANDS people search for in every state.  Or as they’re calling it, the three most POPULAR brands in all 50 states . . . which may or may not be true.

The top brand in a lot of states is a huge company headquartered there . . . like Microsoft in Washington, Anheuser-Busch in Missouri, FedEx in Tennessee, KFC in Kentucky, Ford in Michigan, and Walmart in Arkansas.

The second-most popular brand is a lot less predictable . . . some are companies based in the state, but there are a lot of food and alcohol brands too.

By the time you get down to the third-most popular brand, it’s rarely something with its headquarters in the state, so you get down to what people REALLY want . . . like Playboy in Virginia, Gucci in Georgia, and Taco Bell in Idaho.

Here are five highlights we picked out . . .

1.  Connecticut’s second-most popular brand is Natural Light beer, which is amazing.  Iowa’s second-most popular brand is Busch Light . . . if it weren’t for Connecticut’s pick, that would be the cheapest beer to crack this thing.

2.  Nevada’s top three brands are all amazing representations of the “alcohol and money” gambling culture:  Ferrari . . . Belvedere Vodka . . . and Lamborghini.

3.  Arizona and New Mexico are in a clear TEQUILA war.  The most popular brand in Arizona is Jose Cuervo . . . the most popular brand in New Mexico is Patron.

4.  Coors and Coors Light didn’t crack Colorado’s top three . . . but Budweiser did, coming in third.  Coors Light WAS the second-most popular brand in North Dakota, for what it’s worth.

5.  And finally, Nebraska clearly has its priorities straight . . . its top three brands are Blue Moon beer, Burger King, and Doritos.

(Direct Capital)




How Much Money Do You Need to Be in the Richest 1% of Your State?

How Much Money Do You Need to Be in the Richest 1% of Your State?

During Occupy Wall Street, everyone was talking about “the 1%.” But who really IS part of the 1%? YOU might be closer than you realize.

Some economists at the University of California, Berkeley analyzed income tax records and figured out how much household income you need to be part of the richest 1% in YOUR state. And in some places, the bar isn’t actually that high.

The state with the lowest bar is Idaho . . . if your household makes over $274,000 in Idaho, you’re in the richest 1%.

And there are five other states where you can be in the 1% by making under $300,000: Montana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama, and Wyoming.

The state where you need the MOST money to be in the top 1% is Connecticut, at $642,000. Washington D.C. doesn’t count as a state, but to be in the top 1% there, you’d need $688,000-a-year.

The only other states where it takes at least half a million dollars a year to be in the top 1% are New York at $511,000 and New Jersey at $504,000.


(Business Insider



Lady Gaga to Perform in Space in early 2015

Lady Gaga to Perform in Space in early 2015


Lady Gaga is teaming up with Virgin Galactic and will be heading into space to give a special performance for her fans in early 2015.

The performance will be one song and will come as a part of the Zero G Colony music festival, a three-day event that will take place at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

It’s also where Virgin Galactic shares real estate with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Gaga is already taking steps to make sure the performance is a success. According to Us, she has invested hours of vocal training to prepare her for the environment and she also took out “a ridiculous life insurance policy.”

Lady Gaga isn’t the first artist to make space music. premiered his song “Reach for the Stars” from the surface of Mars last year through the Curiosity Rover. But the honor of “First Song Recorded in Space” goes to astronaut Chris Hadfield. His “Jewel in the Night” was played and recorded last year on the International Space Station.