Five Mistakes People Make When They Come Into Money

Five Mistakes People Make When They Come Into Money

Let’s take a second to dream. Say your long lost aunt kicks the bucket next week and leaves you a million bucks. Will you be SMART about it, or one of those people who blows through it in a year and ends up broke again?

Here are the top five mistakes people make when they come into money . . .

  1.  Mindless spending. It feels like you suddenly have an infinite amount of cash. So you spend like crazy until you realize it’s NOT infinite.
  2.  Not getting help from a financial planner. If it’s a lot of money, you might need a TEAM to help you. People who come into money and try to invest it all themselves usually regret it.
  3.  Making big decisions too quickly. Things like selling your house right away to buy a bigger one, or quitting your job too soon. Don’t make any rash decisions.
  4.  Taking too LONG to make decisions. Some people just sit on their money because they’re scared they’ll lose it. That’s another reason to get help as soon as possible.
  5.  Trying to be the hero and paying for EVERYONE. That includes relatives, friends, charities, and even your own kids. Make sure you’re in good shape first, THEN help if you can. And don’t set yourself up so you’re paying for a whole entourage.
The 10 Most Common Body Language Mistakes we all make

The 10 Most Common Body Language Mistakes we all make


According to “Forbes”, here are the 10 most common body language mistakes people make, and why you shouldn’t do them . . .

  1.  Avoiding eye contact. You look like you’re hiding something, or don’t respect the other person.
  2.  Slouching. It looks like your energy is zapped, and you have low self-esteem.
  3.  A weak handshake. Which can signal a lack of authority.
  4.  Crossing your arms. It makes you seem standoffish and not interested in what the other person is saying.
  5.  Looking at the ground when you talk. It makes you seem weak and self-conscious.
  6.  Angling your body away from the other person instead of facing them. It makes it seem like you want the conversation to end.
  7.  Fidgeting. It makes you seem anxious.
  8.  Standing too close. When you talk to someone, you should always be at least a foot-and-a-half away from them.
  9.  Glancing at the clock. It makes you seem disinterested and arrogant.
  10.  Frowning or scowling. You can do it unconsciously, and it makes it seem like you’re disagreeing with what someone said, which isn’t necessarily the case.


Video: Justin Bieber Told a Racist Joke

Video: Justin Bieber Told a Racist Joke

download (9)It seems like people are really reaching for something to get mad at Justin Bieber about. A video from five years ago was just leaked, showing the then 15-year-old Biebz telling a two racist jokes, one of which included the n-word.

The singer’s old bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, who happens to be black, is coming to his former client’s defense. “We all make jokes about people’s size, look, or race. That doesn’t mean it’s right but comedians make millions of dollars profiting off these jokes,” Hamilton tweeted. “If someone is racist or prejudice you would know from a persons actions. Not because of a joke a 15 year old says. Yes he said some bad jokes and I know if he could he would take back what was said.” He then added, “As a black man I am telling the world that @justinbieber is not a racist. I have known him since he was 12 years old and I know his heart.”

Bieber responded to the video himself in a statement, referring to his words as “reckless and immature. “As a kid, I didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt,” he said. “I thought it was ok to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance,” he said. “Thanks to friends and family I learned from my mistakes and grew up and apologized for those wrongs. Now that these mistakes from the past have become public I need to apologize again to all those I have offended. I’m very sorry.” He went on, but we won’t bore you. Basically: he’s really really really really sorry. He was young, he’s really sorry. He’s really REALLY sorry. About the crack, not his lack of musical talent. So there’s that.