5 Weird Things That Make People not like You

5 Weird Things That Make People not like You

Greg Burkett

Photo Credit: Flickr Greg Burkett – Super closeup selfie

We found a list online of weird things that can make people dislike you. Here are five we thought were pretty interesting . . .

  1. Opening up too much to someone you just met. You shouldn’t reveal anything too personal until you’ve known each other for a little while. You might think you’re just being open and honest, but it can actually come across as insecure.
  2. Asking too many questions. Most people like talking about themselves, so you SHOULD asked questions. But it’s a fine line, and you have to let them ask questions too, so they don’t feel like you’re just grilling them.
  3. Always saying yes when someone asks for a favor. A recent study found it can make it seem like you have ulterior motives. So it’s okay to say no sometimes, especially if there’s a legitimate reason you can’t do something.
  4. Playing hard to get. Sometimes it can work, but so can being honest when you like someone. A recent study found people were more prone to like someone if they thought the person liked THEM first.
  5. Posting too many selfies. Especially for people you just met. A recent study found that photos taken from four-to-five feet away make you seem more trustworthy and competent than photos taken from 18 inches away.

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A Guy Dumped a Girl He Met on PlentyOfFish.com . . . So She Filled His Hot Tub With Plenty of Fish

A Guy Dumped a Girl He Met on PlentyOfFish.com . . . So She Filled His Hot Tub With Plenty of Fish

Hot tub full of fish

A 35-year-old woman named Zoe Jackson from North Yorkshire, England met 46-year-old Gerard Brogan last January on the dating website PlentyOfFish.com.

And they dated for about three months. But Gerard says Zoe started getting too intense. And then she dropped a bomb . . . she had SIX children. So he told her he wasn’t ready to commit, and dumped her.

So how do you get REVENGE when a relationship from PlentyOfFish.com goes south? Zoe snuck into his backyard, and filled his hot tub with . . . plenty of fish. Dead fish.

He didn’t find them until he got home from a trip two days later, and they’d been cooking in the hot water that entire time. So obviously his hot tub was ruined.

Zoe was in court this week and pleaded guilty to criminal damage. She got probation and was ordered to pay Gerard $750.

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Another You (Official Music Video) – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz – Another You (Official Music Video)

The world’s biggest DJ and Grammy nominated producer has joined forces with multiplatinum singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Mr. Probz to create ‘Another You’, the first single from Armin’s forthcoming full-length studio album, to be released this fall.

Armin and Mr. Probz met last year and instantly hit it off, ensuring an outstanding collaboration and delivering a stunning record to honour their brand new joint effort.
‘Another You’ instantly grabs the listener with the first strummed chords until Mr. Probz’s irresistible vocal enters with its uniquely gravelly timbre.

Armin worked the song’s hooks and impeccably timed builds and drops to leave the listener no choice other than to throw both hands firmly in the air.

Another You

A Couple Watching Old Home Movies Realizes They Crossed Paths 16 Years Before They Met

A Couple Watching Old Home Movies Realizes They Crossed Paths 16 Years Before They Met

Ryan and Jourdan Spencer of Scotch Plains, New Jersey met on a blind date back in 2004, and got married in 2007. And a few years ago, they were checking out some old home movies from Jourdan’s childhood.

They were watching one from July of 1988 . . . Jourdan was just a little girl at the time, visiting an amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania called Sesame Place. And while her dad was filming her, a skinny kid with glasses randomly walked into the frame.

It was RYAN.

They grew up about 45 minutes apart, and had even talked about going to Sesame Place as kids . . . but they had no idea they were there on the same DAY in 1988, or that they’d ever crossed paths.

They just showed their three kids the tape . . . and they say the tape is making them both believe in FATE.

Couples Who Meet Online Are More Likely to Break Up

Couples Who Meet Online Are More Likely to Break Up


Finding someone to date online seems pretty easy for most people . . . and if you swipe enough photos to the right on Tinder SOMEONE’S going to swipe you back. But does all that make it TOO easy?

A new study out of Michigan State University found couples who meet online or through a dating app are more likely to break up than couples who meet the old-fashioned way.

The theory here is that it’s too easy to meet someone online . . . so people put less thought into whether they really have long-term potential with someone before they dive into a relationship.

And in a different study, about one in three people between 18 and 25 have had SEX with someone they met through a dating app like Tinder.

But . . . it’s not particularly GOOD sex. When people rated the sex they had with someone from Tinder versus sex with someone they met offline, the Tinder sex got lower scores in every category: Duration, excitement, comfort, and satisfaction.


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