Hobbies that Make You More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Hobbies that Make You More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

eHarmony analyzed what creates the highest interest in a profile and found that men get the most hits if they mention exercise, travelling, dancing and cooking and women do if they list outdoor activities, politics, pets, photography and sport.

These are the hobbies that make people more attractive to the opposite sex:

Traveling– They are adventurous and not content with staying on home soil. They may speak another language too- you know that you will not get bored of this person as they are always looking for the next big high.

Exercise– They take pride in how they look and making sure they can live as long as possible- if things go well the longer you have together the better.

Theatre– They are cultured- the cinema just won’t hack it for them- they like the rawness of theatre- so they are better at accepting imperfections.

Dancing– They like to keep fit but in a fun way- they are not slaves to the gym- they make looking and feeling good easy and enjoyable. They are easy and like to see the good in everything.

Cooking– They don’t expect you to fall into any stereotypical roles and like to take pride in what they put in their bodies. They have patience in order to do this which extends to their personal life too.

Outdoor interests– They will never be seen moping around on the couch if it’s a nice day- they are out and about and appreciate the smaller things in life- they are humble creatures.

Photography– They have an eye for detail and things that other people miss. They know what you are thinking from your tone of voice or smallest change in expression- they are sensitive to your emotions.

Watching sport– They are a team player and so will only strive to do the same with you- they share and always think about themselves within the couple not as an individual.

Pets– They are kind and want to look after you- they will go out of their way to make sure that you are happy and content.

Art– They like to look at the world in a different way and that includes you- they see what everyone else has overlooked and bring out the best in you because of it.

Learning– They soak up information- you can talk for hours about snippets of knowledge, books you’ve read and regale each other with stories to learn as much about each other as possible.

Music– A great bonder if you like the same stuff, but if you don’t a useful tool to open up your mind to news things. This person makes you consider things you would never have done in the past.


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Four Things You Can Learn in Your Sleep

Four Things You Can Learn in Your Sleep


Obviously we have to sleep. But it also seems like a huge waste of time. Eight hours a night is a third of your life. So here are four things you can actually LEARN in your sleep, and they’re all backed by science . . .

1. A new language. A study in 2014 found people remembered words and phrases better if they listened to a recording of them while they were sleeping. You can’t JUST do that though. You also have to study while you’re awake or it doesn’t do any good.

2. How to play an instrument. Researchers at Northwestern did a study in 2012 where musicians learned to play a new song. And they played it better the next day if they also listened to it while they were sleeping.

3. That smoking is disgusting. Researchers in Israel recently exposed smokers to two different smells during the night . . . the smell of cigarettes, and the smell of rotten eggs. And a week later, the average person was smoking 30% less.

4. The names of people you just met. A study last year had people try to memorize names. Then one group took a nap while the other group didn’t. And the ones who slept did 12% better when they had to remember the names again.

So that one’s not really about your subconscious. It just showed that sleeping after you learn something can help it sink in.

(Daily Mail)

The 10 Most Common Body Language Mistakes we all make

The 10 Most Common Body Language Mistakes we all make


According to “Forbes”, here are the 10 most common body language mistakes people make, and why you shouldn’t do them . . .

  1.  Avoiding eye contact. You look like you’re hiding something, or don’t respect the other person.
  2.  Slouching. It looks like your energy is zapped, and you have low self-esteem.
  3.  A weak handshake. Which can signal a lack of authority.
  4.  Crossing your arms. It makes you seem standoffish and not interested in what the other person is saying.
  5.  Looking at the ground when you talk. It makes you seem weak and self-conscious.
  6.  Angling your body away from the other person instead of facing them. It makes it seem like you want the conversation to end.
  7.  Fidgeting. It makes you seem anxious.
  8.  Standing too close. When you talk to someone, you should always be at least a foot-and-a-half away from them.
  9.  Glancing at the clock. It makes you seem disinterested and arrogant.
  10.  Frowning or scowling. You can do it unconsciously, and it makes it seem like you’re disagreeing with what someone said, which isn’t necessarily the case.


Before You Interrupt a Conversation, Look at People’s Feet?

Before You Interrupt a Conversation, Look at People’s Feet?


This could help the next time you need to talk to your boss . . . or you’re nervous about going up to someone at a bar. When you’re walking up to two people in the middle of a conversation, here’s a trick to figure out if it’s okay to interrupt.

Look at which way their FEET are pointing.

According to a body language expert, if they see you and turn their entire body so their feet are pointed at YOU, it means the conversation probably isn’t that important. And it’s okay to join in.

But if they only turn their head or upper body . . . with their feet still pointed at each OTHER . . . it means they’re fully engaged in the conversation, and it’s probably about something important.

So in that case, it’s best to keep walking and talk to them later.