7 Ways to Be “Cool” on Social Media, According to Teens

7 Ways to Be “Cool” on Social Media, According to Teens

Someone had a bunch of teenagers explain how to be “cool” on social media. Here are seven rules to follow . . . and none them are about Facebook, because teens just don’t care. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are where it’s at.

1. Pay attention to your “following” to “followers” ratio. You should have at least twice as many followers. So if you’re following a ton of people, delete them.

2. Only use hashtags ironically. Don’t use them for any other reason. And stop saying “Throwback Thursday.” Apparently it’s lame now.

3. Make your videos short, and don’t post too many. Like if you’re at a concert, don’t post 30 photos and videos to the same Snapchat Story. It’s annoying and lame.

4. Don’t post boring photos where you’re just sitting around or lying in bed. Only post photos on Instagram and Snapchat when you’re out doing something fun.

5. Don’t end your posts with a ton of emojis. The max before you seem lame is three emojis per post.

6. Stop posting photos of food. You can do it every now and then, but not too often.

7. Don’t post a ton of selfies. It makes you look like you have no friends.


87-Year-Old Woman with 1.6 Million Instagram Followers

87-Year-Old Woman with 1.6 Million Instagram Followers


BADDIE WINKLE with 1.6 Million Instagram Followers

There’s an 87-year-old woman in eastern Kentucky named Helen Ruth Van Winkle, but she goes by the name BADDIE WINKLE online . . . and more than 1.6 MILLION people follow her on Instagram.

She got into it a while back after her great-granddaughter got her to put HER clothes on, and post a photo. Now she posts pictures of herself in crazy outfits constantly, and people love it.

She even got an invite to the VMA’s last month, and there are photos of her hanging out backstage with MILEY CYRUS.

Austin Mahone was rushed to the hospital

Austin Mahone was rushed to the hospital

austin-mahone-600Austin Mahone was feeling ill for a few days and had to be rushed to the hospital yesterday.

Mahone posted an instagram pic in a hospital robe holding on an iv drip with the caption: “I’ve never felt so bad.”

Mahone’s headlining tour was scheduled to kick off yesterday and “may have to be rescheduled for early 2014.”

More details will be announced soon.