A Woman with Amnesia Fell in Love with Her Boyfriend Twice

A Woman with Amnesia Fell in Love with Her Boyfriend Twice

This is like the plot of a movie you’d go see on Valentine’s Day . . .

There’s a 20-year-old woman in England named Jessica Sharman who had a bunch of seizures last March that somehow gave her AMNESIA. So she couldn’t remember anything, including her parents.

She’d been dating a guy named Rich Bishop for about seven months, but didn’t even want to see him. She says he was like a total stranger, who kept looking at her like they were in love. So it was too weird, and she decided to break up with him.

He convinced her to give him a chance though. They went on a bunch of dates, and he took her to all their favorite restaurants again to see if it would jog her memory.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But what did happen was she fell in LOVE again.

She says Rich was so patient and nice to her that it was hard NOT to fall for him. Her doctors still don’t know if she’ll ever get her memory back. And there’s a chance she’ll have another seizure and get amnesia all over again.

But even if that happens, she thinks they’ll end up together now. Quote, “[He] was able to make me fall in love with him twice. So I know he could do it again.”

(The Sun)

Chubby Dads Are More Attractive to Women and Live Longer

Chubby Dads Are More Attractive to Women and Live Longer


I’m not sure any fathers out there need MORE of an excuse to gently ease into a life of wearing sweatpants seven days a week and dipping pizza into ranch dressing, but here you go.

According to a new study out of Yale University, chubbier dads live longer than other men . . . AND they’re MORE ATTRACTIVE to women.

Why? When you lose a little muscle mass and gain a little fat, it actually helps your body shift some of its resources toward your immune system instead of just worrying about feeding your muscles.

And women are biologically drawn to a dad with some chubbiness, because it’s a sign that you’re focused on your kids above anything else . . . including trying to get with women.

So since you’re not interested in them . . . they’re interested in you.

(The Telegraph)

Nine Careers Where People Are Most Likely to Have Affairs

Nine Careers Where People Are Most Likely to Have Affairs


This should make you feel totally secure in your relationship. A new survey found the nine careers where people are most likely to have AFFAIRS.

And we even know WHO they’ll cheat on you with . . . 65% of the people in the survey say they’re secretly getting-it-on with someone at work.

Here are the nine careers where people are most likely to have affairs.

1. Finance, including bankers and brokers.

2. Aviation, including pilots and flight attendants.

3. Healthcare, including doctors and nurses.

4. Business, including managers and administrative assistants.

5. Sports, including athletes and coaches.

6. The arts, including musicians and photographers.

7. Nightlife, including bartenders and DJs.

8. Communications, including journalists and PR people.

9. Legal, including lawyers and paralegals.

(Daily Mirror)

Top Ten Most Dangerous Things for Kids This Summer

Top Ten Most Dangerous Things for Kids This Summer


Photo credit: Flickr Drew Tyre

We’re basically required by law to be within shouting distance of our kids at all times now. So it’s amazing they get hurt at all. But here’s some stuff to keep in mind while they’re not in school.

It’s the ten things they are most likely to hurt themselves with over the summer . . .

1. B.B. guns. The number of injuries jumped 500% between 2010 and 2012. Apparently those are the most recent stats on it. And it’s partly because they’re more powerful than they used to be.

2. Toys that fly, including drones. You especially have to worry about head injuries.

3. Hoverboards. A doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital helped make the list. And he says on Christmas Day last year, he saw four hoverboard injuries in four hours, including two kids with broken arms, one with a broken leg, and one with a concussion.

4. Baby pools. Small kids can drown in as little as two inches of water, so you really have to pay attention.

5. Flotation devices and water wings. It’s because they give you a false sense of security. So you have to watch kids while they’re swimming, no matter what.

6. Pool covers, because kids can get trapped in them. And not just little kids. Sometimes teenagers jump in pools at night without realizing there’s a cover. So it might be a good idea to keep a light on if you have a pool.

7. Trampolines. A ton of kids hurt themselves on them every summer. And between 2003 and 2013, there were also over 100,000 injuries related to bounce houses.

8. Non-motorized scooters. It might be partly because we’re less likely to make kids wear a helmet when they ride one than when they ride bikes.

9. Cords on clothing, and straps on helmets. Mostly for little kids, because they can get wrapped around their neck. Yes . . . apparently HELMETS are dangerous now too.

10. Toys with small parts. Because they can be a choking hazard.

And this should go without saying, buy you also have to be careful about the SUN. A recent survey found only 25% of kids regularly wear sunblock. And 50% said they’d had at least one sunburn in the past year, which puts them at higher risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

(CBS News)

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