Four Hacks to Make Summer Easier

Four Hacks to Make Summer Easier

The website came up with a bunch of ‘lifehacks’ to try this summer. And most of them are things you’d probably never do. But here are four that are pretty decent . . .

  1.  Make ice cubes using aloe vera. Then your kids can rub them on their skin after they’ve been in the sun . . . or eat them depending on how high their I.Q. is? You can also just put a whole bottle of aloe in the fridge if you like it cold.
  2.  Freeze a bunch of water balloons, and use them in your beer cooler instead of ice. Then you can have a water balloon fight after they melt. Just make sure they’re completely melted before you start whipping them at your kid’s head.
  3.  Make a frozen necklace to keep your kids cool. Just cut up a sponge . . . thread some string through all the pieces . . . get them wet . . . and put it in the freezer. Or if you’re not that crafty, just toss a wet dishtowel in there and use that.
  4.  When you’re at the pool or the beach, hide your money in an empty tube of chap stick. Because the chances of someone stealing chap stick off your towel are a lot lower than someone taking your wallet. We actually tried it, and . . . it works.

Screw the chapstick all the way out . . . remove the delicious-smelling cylinder of wax . . . and just leave the rod in there. The bills fit around it. Just clean it out really well first, or you’ll have some waxy Benjamins.

(ABC News)

A Woman Is Suing Starbucks Because Their Iced Coffee Uses Too Much Ice

A Woman Is Suing Starbucks Because Their Iced Coffee Uses Too Much Ice

Photo Credit: Flickr | AleXander Agopian

Photo Credit: Flickr | AleXander Agopian

When you hear this, you might think it’s one of those classic, frivolous lawsuits by some moron. But just wait . . . by the end you’ll TOTALLY be on this woman’s side.

Stacey Pincus of Chicago, Illinois just filed a class action lawsuit against Starbucks . . . because they put too much ICE in their iced coffee.

Sounds dumb, right? Just hear her out. She points out that Starbucks advertises their drinks by how many ounces they have: 12 ounces in a tall, 16 in a grande, 24 in a venti, and 30 in a trenta.

And that’s how much coffee you get . . . if you order it HOT. But if you order it iced, you get a cup full of ice, which cuts into the amount of coffee. So in a venti, you only get 14 ounces of coffee with 10 ounces of ice. Instead of 24 ounces of coffee.

Her lawsuit says, quote, “[You] get just over half of the advertised amount, and just over half of the amount for which you are paying.” She also found that makes iced drinks the most profitable items on the menu.

So she wants $5 million for all the people who’ve been ripped off in the past 10 years. The suit is also demanding that Starbucks serve iced drinks in bigger cups so you get the full amount of coffee you order.

(Courthouse News Service / TMZ)

Chick-fil-A Will Give Your Family Free Ice Cream If You Don’t Use Your Phones for an Entire Meal

Chick-fil-A Will Give Your Family Free Ice Cream If You Don’t Use Your Phones for an Entire Meal


What do your kids love more . . . their phone, or ice cream? Well, Chick-fil-A wants to help you find out.

They’re running a new promotion at 150 locations around the country, where everyone in your family can get a free ice cream cone . . . but only if none of you touch your PHONES for the entire meal.

You have to put them in a cardboard box in the middle of the table, and leave them there until you’re done with your food. And the point is to give you 15 to 20 minutes where you actually TALK to each other instead of playing games and texting.

Or if you could all just power through WITHOUT talking, get it down to five minutes, and STILL get free ice cream. Boom . . . your move Chick-fil-A.

It’s not clear which locations are doing it, so you might want to call ahead.

(CNBC / Time)

A Cure for ALS Might Be on the Way, and It’s Because of the Ice Bucket Challenge

A Cure for ALS Might Be on the Way, and It’s Because of the Ice Bucket Challenge

The whole Ice Bucket Challenge thing was as much about vanity as it was charity. It mostly took off because people liked posting videos of themselves getting drenched in ice water on Facebook.

But it raised over $100 million, and it looks like that money might have ALREADY made a huge impact.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University now think they might be on their way to finding a CURE for ALS.

In a study published this month, they said they think they’ve figured out how a protein called TDP-43 might be responsible for the disease.

And they were able to do the study because of the Ice Bucket Challenge donations.

Basically, the protein clumps up inside the neurons of people with ALS, as well as 45% of people with a type of dementia called FTD, but scientists didn’t know why it mattered.

The new study found that TDP-43 is supposed to prevent cells from using the wrong genetic information to make other proteins. But it stops working when it clumps together, so the cells malfunction and die.

Now, it could be years before they figure out how to stop that from happening, so this might not help people who are currently suffering from ALS. And they want people to keep donating, because they’ll need more funding going forward. But they think this could eventually lead to a treatment, or even a cure.



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