Three Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Three Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer


There was a survey last week that found a longer battery life is the number one feature people want in their phone. So here are three ways to help your battery stay charged longer. And they’re all backed by science . . .

1. Don’t let it get too hot. Heat speeds up the chemical reaction inside the battery and drains it faster. So don’t leave it next to a heater, or let it sit out in the sun.

2. Never let the battery die. Lithium ion batteries degrade over time, so eventually they can’t hold as much juice on a single charge. And they degrade faster if you always let the battery die before you charge it. So if your phone’s about to die, you should just turn it off.

3. If you won’t be using it for a while, store it half-charged. Right around 50% is good, and keep it in a cool, dry place.

It’s only worth doing if you’re turning it off for at least a few days though. Like if you’ll be out of cell range all weekend, or flying overseas where you can’t use it. If it’s only for a few hours, don’t worry about it.


Deep Fried Twinkies Are Now on Sale at Walmart

Deep Fried Twinkies Are Now on Sale at Walmart

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Deep Fried Twinkies!

You don’t have to go to a county fair to experience DEEP FRIED TWINKIES anymore. Something THAT unhealthy needed to roam free.

Hostess just introduced a prepackaged version of Deep Fried Twinkies, and they’re on sale right now at Walmart. And Walmart has a one-year exclusive deal to sell them, because they KNOW their customers.

They’re pre-fried, and they’re in the frozen food section. So you need to heat them up in the oven or the microwave before you eat them.(Grubstreet

Check out 6 tips for a better Memorial Day barbecue

Check out 6 tips for a better Memorial Day barbecue


  1. Serve less meat, but buy the expensive stuff . . . grass-fed beef, dry-aged steaks, and wild seafood. Anybody can grill a hundred burgers for 20 people. You can make people remember your party if your meat TASTES GOOD.
  2. Focus on the vegetables. Instead of chips and salsa, serve charred vegetables with dipping sauces. Or grill vegetables and puree them into fresh sauces for your meat.
  3. Make your own rub. For a dry rub, just throw some paprika and chili powder together with brown sugar, oregano, salt, and garlic.
  4. Use high, medium, and then low heat. Put a high-heat flame on the left side of the grill to get your sear marks. Then cook the meat in the middle on medium heat, and then move it to low heat to keep warm.
  5. Keep track of cooking temperatures. Food poisoning will wreck it for everybody. Cook everything at 140 degrees or above, and smoked food should be cooked between 180 and 220.
  6. Serve fruit for dessert. Nobody saves room for brownies and ice cream. Just grill up some slices of pineapple, peaches, or mango. You can also serve them with angel food cake, toasted right on the grill. (