Siri Called 911 and Saved a Guy’s Life

Siri Called 911 and Saved a Guy’s Life


18-year-old Sam Ray was in his parents’ garage working on his truck last month in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, outside Nashville. And while he was under it, the jack gave out and the truck LANDED on him.

It had him pinned so he couldn’t move his arms. And one of them was getting burned, because it was pinned under a hot exhaust pipe.

So he started yelling for help, but he knew nobody could hear him because he was home alone. Luckily, his iPhone was in his back pocket, and the weight of the truck on top of him activated SIRI.

Now, Sam says he’d never really used Siri before, and thought it was kind of stupid. But in this case, he realized she might be able to save his LIFE.

So he told her to call 911, and she did it. Then he gave his address to the dispatcher, and rescue workers were able to lift the truck off of him.

He ended up with four broken ribs, a bruised kidney, and burns to his arm, but he should make a full recovery. And he says he’s DEFINITELY a fan of Siri now.


A Couple Bought a Beanie Baby For $15 at a Garage Sale . . . Turns Out It Could Be Worth $93,000

A Couple Bought a Beanie Baby For $15 at a Garage Sale . . . Turns Out It Could Be Worth $93,000


Maybe you’re one of those people who stocked up on Beanie Babies in the ’90s because you thought they’d be worth a fortune one day. But after two decades of taking up space, you’re ready to sell ’em all for pennies.

Well . . . be careful. There’s one family in Cornwall, England that actually won the Beanie Baby lottery, and didn’t realize it.

22-year-old Ryan Flanaghan and his 20-year-old girlfriend Leah Rogers went to a garage sale earlier this month and bought a purple Beanie Baby for about $15.

Turns out the people selling it had no idea it was a limited edition Princess Diana memorial bear. There were only 100 made, and it could be worth up to $93,000.

Leah and Ryan put it up on eBay with a starting bid of $37,500 . . . and a “Buy It Now” price of $60,000. Their auction ends tomorrow . . . and so far, they haven’t gotten any bids.

(Fox 59 – Indianapolis / eBay


(Check out the auction here.)

Getting Rid of Your Junk in 9 Easy Steps

Getting Rid of Your Junk in 9 Easy Steps

If you need to get rid of junk but don’t know where start, take a look at these nine steps.

  1. Don’t do it all at once. That’s how you get overwhelmed and give up before you start. Set a timeline and divide the job up into smaller goals.

  2. Don’t make a “maybe” pile. Everything should be a “yes” or “no.” That’s how you got the junk in the first place . . . by assuming you’d need things later on.

  3. Have a garage sale. Advertise well, and offer volume discounts. Also put out a “free” box with stuff you can give away. People will be more likely to shop if they think they can get something else for free.

  4. Post bigger items online. For furniture and appliances, the best thing is to list them on Craigslist or eBay. You’ll get more exposure and usually a better selling price.

  5. Use to give things away. It’s a website where you post stuff you don’t want. Usually there’s someone out there who’ll want to take it and fix it up. They probably CAN’T fix it, but that’s fine because now it’s THEIR junk.

  6. Donate to charities and local organizations. A lot of charities will schedule a pickup with you. Or you can contact places like schools, assisted living facilities, and community centers to see what kinds of things they can use.

  7. Sell at consignment stores or flea markets. Do it for things like antiques and special items that you don’t want to put out at a garage sale. Or you could go to a pawn shop or antique dealer, if you have anything that’s actually worth good money.

  8. Put it out on the curb. If you can’t sell it and you don’t want it, try leaving it outside. People will take just about anything. If they see it sitting there unguarded, they’ll think they saw it first, and they’ll grab it because they don’t want to miss out on a good deal.

  9. Throw it away. After the first eight steps, whatever is left goes straight to the trash. Take it to the dump if you have to, or call a junk removal service.