The Key to Living a Good, Long Life Is Family, Not Friends

The Key to Living a Good, Long Life Is Family, Not Friends


Hey, good news:  You can finally stop hanging out with all of your “friends” who you don’t really like that much.  ‘Cause they’re really not doing ANYTHING for you.

A new study out of the University of Toronto found that the key to living a long life is being close with your FAMILY.

Quote, “Older people who were closer with their family were less likely to die.  No such associations were observed for number of or closeness to friends.”

The study also found that being married helps you live longer . . . even if you’re in a BAD marriage.  The researchers say that just having the marriage bond gives you a healthy sense of security.

(Huffington Post)

If You’re Friends With Your Ex, You Might Be a Psychopath?

If You’re Friends With Your Ex, You Might Be a Psychopath?

Overly Attached Girlfriend

I think it’s crazy to stay friends with your exes. And apparently, I’m LITERALLY right.

A new study out of Oakland University in Michigan found that people who stay close friends with their exes are more likely to be PSYCHOPATHS. Meaning they have “dark” personality traits, like they’re narcissistic or selfish.

And that makes sense, since the main reason someone stays friends with their ex is because they still WANT something from them.

The things we want can range from emotional support, to sex . . . as in, “hey, it’s 2:00 A.M. and we’re both still up, want to come over?”

And yep . . . men are more likely to stay friends with an ex if they think there’s a chance they’ll have sex again.


(Science Direct)

10 Most Annoying Facebook Friends

10 Most Annoying Facebook Friends


We found a list online of the most annoying types of Facebook friends. And it’s pretty good, because they left off the really obvious ones like the friends who post too many photos of their kids.

Here’s the top ten . . .

  1. The friend who always falls for fake news stories. It happens a lot right now because of the election. A lot of the political memes you see are filled with made-up facts.
  2. The friend who constantly endorses the lame pyramid scheme they bought into. A lot of them tend to be health and fitness related.
  3. The friend who changes their profile picture too much. Once or twice a month is fine, but five times a month is a little much.
  4. The friend who uses GoFundMe to fund everything. Like for vacations and other stuff they should pay for themselves.
  5. The friend who’s intentionally vague about good news. They post something like, “Just got huge news, stay tuned.” So you have no idea what they’re talking about, but you feel obligated to like it anyway.
  6. The friend you don’t know very well, who starts liking photos you posted five years ago. So you suddenly feel like you’re being stalked. And it’s even worse if you’re a woman and it’s a BIKINI shot from five years ago.
  7. The friend who has an opinion about everything. Any time you post something that’s even slightly controversial, they’re all over it.
  8. The friend who posts pointless hashtags. Like a photo of a sunset, with five hashtags that say things like “blessed” and “beautiful.”
  9. The friend who asks questions on Facebook when they could just google the answer. Like asking for restaurant suggestions instead of checking Yelp.
  10. The friend who invites you to events on the other side of the country. They’re just inviting everyone they know to save time.

(Men’s Health)

If You Want to Date Someone Hotter Than You, Become Friends With Them First

If You Want to Date Someone Hotter Than You, Become Friends With Them First


Everything you’ve ever heard about dating tells you NOT to get stuck in the friend zone. Because the other person will never see you as anything other than a buddy. But what if that’s WRONG?

A team of psychologists from Northwestern University in Illinois just did a study, and found that if you want to date someone HOTTER than you, you should become FRIENDS with them first.

They found that couples who were around the same level of attractiveness had started dating an average of a MONTH after they met. Couples that were more mismatched in attractiveness had usually known each other MUCH longer.

The theory is pretty simple. Even if your looks don’t blow someone away at first, once they become friends with you and get to know your personality, they could still find themselves attracted to you.

Of course, there’s no guarantee your super hot friends WILL eventually want to date you . . . we’re just saying it’s the best chance you’ve got.


Being Around Friends Increases Your Life Expectancy . . . Being Around Family May Shorten It

Being Around Friends Increases Your Life Expectancy . . . Being Around Family May Shorten It


We all feel like we’re supposed to prioritize family over friends. But it might lead to an early DEATH.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada analyzed more than 400,000 people to figure out what impact friends and family have on your lifespan.

And they found having a strong social life with friends has a positive impact . . . it improves your chance of living longer by 7%.

But having strong connections with your family might do the OPPOSITE. They didn’t give a percentage, but they say that regular contact with family might actually add stress to your life, rather than make you feel loved and supported.

There is SOME upside to spending time with your family, though. The researchers found that spending time with family, friends, or both leads to a HAPPIER life.

So even if it’s a shorter, more stressful life, at least it’s happy. And at least you’ll die early with everyone saying you were a good son or daughter?

(The Independent)