Four Annoying Things You Might Be Doing with Your Phone

Four Annoying Things You Might Be Doing with Your Phone


We found a list online of annoying things you might be doing with your phone. Here are the top four . . .

  1.  Using your speakerphone in public. Don’t make other people listen to your conversation . . . no one cares. And the same goes for playing games with the sound up, or listening to music without headphones on.
  2.  Leaving your keyboard sound effects on. So when you send a text message, everyone around you hears it clicking while you type.
  3.  Including too many people on a group text. Because then everyone gets a million alerts, and they have to mute their phone so it doesn’t ding or vibrate every five seconds.
  4.  Teasing someone with a text bubble, then not sending a text. Meaning you start typing, so the bubble with three dots pops up, and the other person THINKS you’re responding . . . but then you never finish.



If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito at This Restaurant, They’ll Make You an Owner

If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito at This Restaurant, They’ll Make You an Owner


There are hundreds of restaurants around the country with extreme eating challenges. Usually you have to finish, like, a five-pound hamburger to get a t-shirt or something. Forget about that. THIS is a real prize.

A Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York called Don Chingon has a new eating challenge that’s probably the hardest in the world . . . but it definitely has the most lucrative prize.

If you can finish a 30-POUND BURRITO in one hour, they’ll make you an OWNER.

The burrito uses a tortilla with a diameter of about three-and-a-half feet. It’s stuffed with chicken, steak, carnitas, chorizo, cheese, rice, beans, and salsa. Oh, and you also have to drink a margarita that’s made with a ghost pepper.

You can’t take a bathroom break or throw up, and it costs $150 just to try. But if you succeed, you become a 10% owner of the restaurant . . . which could be worth some serious cash over time.

The team at Don Chingon says they felt like ownership was the only fair prize. Quote, “If you’re going to gain 25 to 30 pounds in a single sitting, you deserve real compensation.

“Some restaurants put your name on the wall . . . we’ll GIVE you the wall.”


(Food and Wine)


'The Hobbit' tops 'Anchorman' sequel at weekend box office

'The Hobbit' tops 'Anchorman' sequel at weekend box office

box-office“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” came in first place at the box office for the second straight weekend holding off “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”

The latest in “The Hobbit” series took in $31.5 million over the weekend to finish in first while the “Anchorman” sequel opened in second with $26.8 million.

Last weekend’s number two movie “Frozen” fell to third with $19.2 million.


Top 10 Movies

1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: $31.5 million

2. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: $26.8 million

3. Frozen: $19.2 million

4. American Hustle: $19.1 million

5. Saving Mr. Banks: $9.3 million

6. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: $8.75 million

7. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas: $8.5 million

8. Walking With Dinosaurs: $7.3 million

9. Dhoom 3: $3.3 million

10. Thor: The Dark World: $1.3 million




Video: Jonas Brothers Explain Reason For Their Split

Video: Jonas Brothers Explain Reason For Their Split


Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas stopped by Good Morning America to explain the reason for their split and it turned out it really did come down to creative differences.

Nick said: “We’re family first and that’s always been our main priority and so honesty within what we do as a group was really important. I came to the table with the guys and shared my heart with them and my feelings.”

Joe said: “It was just individual things that we were just butting heads about, whether it was the way to set up the music video or even just personal opportunities. At some point we decided it was best to finish this and support each other on our own ventures along the way.”

As for the album they’d been planning to release this year, it’s not going away. The brothers promised they’ll be giving a few of those songs away as a thank-you to their fans for sticking by them.

Kevin said: “We’re going to release four of the unreleased songs from the album. And we put together the live tracks from the last summer tour — about 10 songs as well — so we’ll be giving that to our fan club members, as a gift from us.”