Football Scores
Week 11
  • Rockport-Fulton 0 VS La Feria 0
    November 17
  • Sharyland Pioneer 0 VS Mercedes 0
    November 17
  • Brownsville Hanna 0 VS Edinburg Vela 0
    November 17
  • Brownsville Lopez 0 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 0
    November 17
  • Grulla 0 VS Pleasanton 0
    November 17
  • Weslaco East 0 VS PSJA High 0
    November 17
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 0
    November 17
  • La Joya High 0 VS San Antonio Southwest 0
    November 17
  • Sharyland High 0 VS Brownsville Pace 0
    November 17
  • Laredo United South 0 VS McAllen Memorial 0
    November 17
  • McAllen Rowe 17 VS Laredo Alexander 42
  • Los Fresnos 34 VS Edinburg High 14
  • Edinburg North 7 VS San Benito 50
Nine Careers Where People Are Most Likely to Have Affairs

Nine Careers Where People Are Most Likely to Have Affairs


This should make you feel totally secure in your relationship. A new survey found the nine careers where people are most likely to have AFFAIRS.

And we even know WHO they’ll cheat on you with . . . 65% of the people in the survey say they’re secretly getting-it-on with someone at work.

Here are the nine careers where people are most likely to have affairs.

1. Finance, including bankers and brokers.

2. Aviation, including pilots and flight attendants.

3. Healthcare, including doctors and nurses.

4. Business, including managers and administrative assistants.

5. Sports, including athletes and coaches.

6. The arts, including musicians and photographers.

7. Nightlife, including bartenders and DJs.

8. Communications, including journalists and PR people.

9. Legal, including lawyers and paralegals.

(Daily Mirror)

Five Sex Dreams and What They Mean

Five Sex Dreams and What They Mean

Photo Credit: Diego F. Garcia P. | Sleeping Beauty

Photo Credit: Diego F. Garcia P. | Sleeping Beauty

Here are five sex dreams and what they supposedly mean . . .

  1.  A dream where you get it on with an ex. It could either mean you have unresolved issues with them, or you miss the level of intimacy you had. Because you don’t have it in your CURRENT relationship.
  2.  Getting it on with a celebrity. It could be a sign you’re not satisfied with the person you’re with. But odds are it’s just your subconscious living out a fantasy, so you probably don’t have to worry about it.
  3.  Getting it on with a stranger. It might be a sign you’re not satisfied with your sex life. Or the “stranger” might just represent a change or opportunity in your life that’s stressing you out.
  4.  Dreaming of your PARTNER cheating. It could mean you’re nervous they’re cheating in real life, or you just feel like they’re not giving you enough attention.
  5.  Getting it on with your boss. Unless they’re drop-dead sexy, it probably just means you want more power and control in your life. And the reason it’s THEM in the dream is they HAVE those qualities.

(Daily Mail)

The Music You’re Listening to Affects How Your Beer Tastes

The Music You’re Listening to Affects How Your Beer Tastes

If you’re wondering why everyone seems to love IPAs, but you think they’re way too bitter, maybe you should stop drinking them while you listen to weird Norwegian death metal.

A new study found that the music you listen to while you drink beer actually affects how it tastes. Like, if you’re listening to a Disney movie soundtrack, beer tastes sweeter. If you’re listening to something with a lot of angry bass, it tastes more bitter.

The researchers say it’s probably because you mentally transfer the emotions you feel from the music over to the beer.


Five Bad Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

Five Bad Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day


Here are five bad morning habits that can ruin your day . . .

1. Hitting snooze. You disrupt your sleep cycle, and end up sleepier than if you’d just gotten up in the first place.

2. Checking your phone before you get out of bed. Research from the University of British Columbia found that people who checked email throughout the day were more stressed than people who checked it just three times a day.

And checking Facebook before you get out of bed can cause you to compare your life to your friends, and make you feel jealous and agitated.

3. Putting off exercise. Exercising any time is better than not exercising at all, but research has found that people who exercise in the morning have lower blood pressure and get better sleep.

4. Taking a shower that’s too hot. A hot shower in the morning will raise your body temperature and increase alertness . . . but if the water’s TOO hot it can cause dry, irritated skin that can become inflamed and itchy.

5. Eating a breakfast high in carbs. A donut or muffin makes you more likely to feel sleepy and hungry before lunch. But it’s still better than SKIPPING breakfast, which makes you much more likely to eat more calories later in the day.

(Huffington Post)

10 Most Annoying Facebook Friends

10 Most Annoying Facebook Friends


We found a list online of the most annoying types of Facebook friends. And it’s pretty good, because they left off the really obvious ones like the friends who post too many photos of their kids.

Here’s the top ten . . .

  1. The friend who always falls for fake news stories. It happens a lot right now because of the election. A lot of the political memes you see are filled with made-up facts.
  2. The friend who constantly endorses the lame pyramid scheme they bought into. A lot of them tend to be health and fitness related.
  3. The friend who changes their profile picture too much. Once or twice a month is fine, but five times a month is a little much.
  4. The friend who uses GoFundMe to fund everything. Like for vacations and other stuff they should pay for themselves.
  5. The friend who’s intentionally vague about good news. They post something like, “Just got huge news, stay tuned.” So you have no idea what they’re talking about, but you feel obligated to like it anyway.
  6. The friend you don’t know very well, who starts liking photos you posted five years ago. So you suddenly feel like you’re being stalked. And it’s even worse if you’re a woman and it’s a BIKINI shot from five years ago.
  7. The friend who has an opinion about everything. Any time you post something that’s even slightly controversial, they’re all over it.
  8. The friend who posts pointless hashtags. Like a photo of a sunset, with five hashtags that say things like “blessed” and “beautiful.”
  9. The friend who asks questions on Facebook when they could just google the answer. Like asking for restaurant suggestions instead of checking Yelp.
  10. The friend who invites you to events on the other side of the country. They’re just inviting everyone they know to save time.

(Men’s Health)