What Would You Drive Five Hours For?

What Would You Drive Five Hours For?

Hands up, while driving a convertible.

Hands up, while driving a convertible.

This is a great way to measure how much you REALLY love someone or something: How far would you be willing to drive for them? Keep in mind gas is really expensive, and the roads are full of idiot drivers.

A new survey figured out what different people or events are worth five or more hours in the car. Check ’em out . . .

  • 68% of married people would do it to see their husband or wife.
  • 42% would do it for a “love interest.”
  • 33% would do it for a family reunion.
  • 28% of Democrats would do it to see President Obama. Only 10% of Republicans would.
  • 25% would do it for a wedding.
  • 25% would do it to see their in-laws.
  • 20% would do it to see their child’s sporting event.
  • And 9% would do it to see their favorite football team.

The survey also found 33% of people would drive over two hours for their favorite restaurant.

(PR Newswire)

The Top 10 Things a “Real Man” Should Know

The Top 10 Things a “Real Man” Should Know


lightbulbA new survey asked more than 2,000 people to name the things a REAL MAN should know. Also . . . are we really still talking about what makes a “real man”?

Anyway, here are the top 10 things a real man should know:

1. His wedding anniversary.

2. Basic do-it-yourself tasks.

3. How to change a light bulb.

4. How to tie a tie.

5. How to read a map.

6. His significant other’s favorite drink.

7. How to iron a shirt.

8. How to change a tire.

9. How to shave.

10. The right amount of aftershave and cologne to use.

(Daily Mail)

(You can see the full top 50 here.  It’s a British survey, so a few of the results really don’t apply over here.) 

What does your Favorite type of Pizza say about you

What does your Favorite type of Pizza say about you


According to a new study, your favorite type of pizza is a secret clue to what kind of PERSONALITY you have.

Researchers had people fill out a personality test, then share their favorite pizza flavor. Then they looked for the personality trends that came up most frequently for each type of pizza. Here’s what they found . . .

People who like vegetable toppings are flirtatious, charming, gullible, and self-absorbed.

People who like white pizza are good with money, cautious, a little cynical, and love debates.

People who order pepperoni pizza are extroverts who get bored easily.

People who order chicken on their pizza are driven, competitive, and assertive.

And people who like OTHER types of meat on their pizza are supportive, tend to be followers, and like to stay at home.



Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

gty_vday_gifts_kb_130208_wmainValentine’s Day is next Friday, so if you haven’t bought a gift yet, get on that.  Here are some gift ideas for every stage of a relationship from SheKnows.com.  And if you think they’re lame, VALENTINE’S DAY IS LAME.

1.  A few dates in.  Nice chocolates . . . some manly accessories like a good shaving set . . . or just a card.

2.  Dating, but on the way to the “being exclusive” talk.  A concert or sports tickets . . . a personalized gift basket filled with their favorite things . . . or a sleek messenger bag.

3.  Long-term relationship.  Perfume or cologne . . . a tech gadget . . . or fancy lingerie.

4.  Married.  Jewelry . . . a nice watch . . . or a vacation for just the two of you.


(She Knows)