$25,000 Taco Includes a Gold-Infused Tortilla and a Salsa Made From Beans Pooped Out by a Cat

$25,000 Taco Includes a Gold-Infused Tortilla and a Salsa Made From Beans Pooped Out by a Cat

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason to ever pay more than a buck for a taco. So I CERTAINLY won’t be spending 25,000 times more than that.

A restaurant at the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico just added a taco to their menu that costs $25,000. So what makes it that expensive?

  1. A corn tortilla infused with gold flakes.
  2. Kobe beef, rare Norwegian lobster, and caviar.
  3. Black truffle brie cheese.
  4. A salsa made out of chili peppers, expensive tequila, and civet coffee beans . . . which are coffee beans that are POOPED OUT by a little cat called a civet.
  5. And gold leaves on top.

Even with all those fancy ingredients, I still feel like they’re making GREAT margins on this thing.

But if you’re going all-in, the restaurant also sells a tequila that goes for $150,000 a bottle.


10 Random New Stats For Your Valentine’s Day

10 Random New Stats For Your Valentine’s Day

You know what makes Valentine’s Day better?  Distilling it down to a list of raw, cold facts. Hah!

We’ve got the results of a bunch of new Valentine’s Day surveys and studies here, and we pulled out the most interesting results from all of them.  Here’s the state of love in 2017 by the numbers . . .

1.  More than four out of five people are doing SOMETHING to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

2.  55% of people plan on having sex tonight.  And 34% of women say they want sex more than ANYTHING ELSE tonight.

3.  46% think today should be a national holiday and a paid day off work. 

4.  Valentine’s Day is more likely to be an END than a beginning.  13% of people have dumped someone on Valentine’s Day . . . while 12% have gotten engaged.

5.  71% of couples will go out for dinner either tonight or another night this week to celebrate.

6.  87% of people will cheat on their diet during Valentine’s Day dinner.  And 44% will order more expensive things than they normally do when they go out to eat.

7.  The worst thing you can do to kill the mood at dinner tonight is use your phone too much.  The other bad things you can do are:  Being rude to your server . . . talking about your ex or politics . . . and having bad table manners.

8.  8% of people will spend more than $500 on Valentine’s Day this year.  3% of people will spend less than $10.

9.  Men think they’re more romantic than women.  The average man gives himself an eight out of 10 for romance . . . the average woman gives herself a six out of 10.

10.  And finally, one out of five people think it’s okay to go on a first date tonight.

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Eight Things That Just Aren’t Cool Anymore

Eight Things That Just Aren’t Cool Anymore


What is and isn’t cool changes frequently . . . and that transition usually happens once people’s parents find out what’s cool and try to get in on it.

There’s a discussion on Reddit right now where people are talking about things that USED to be cool but just aren’t anymore. Here are eight of the best answers . . .

  1.  Pushing people into swimming pools. Now that we all have electronics in our pockets, the prank becomes an expensive disaster.
  2.  Facebook.
  3.  Shirts and posters that use the “Keep Calm” phrase, like “Keep Calm and Eat Nachos” or “Keep Calm and Do the Harlem Shake” or whatever.
  4.  MTV.
  5.  Using text language, like the letter “u” instead of the word “you.” No one texts like that anymore.
  6.  Wearing those silicone wristbands for different causes.
  7.  Wearing a backpack with just one strap. Using both straps is okay again.
  8.  Smoking cigarettes.


Porsches Are the Coolest Cars to Drive . . . Smart Cars Are the Most Uncool

Porsches Are the Coolest Cars to Drive . . . Smart Cars Are the Most Uncool


Photo Credit: Flickr Allen Watkin

No matter how much “greener” we get, driving around in an environmentally-friendly clown car just isn’t the path to getting laid.

J.D. Power just released the results of an annual study where people rated car brands by their appeal. In other words, how COOL they are. And the Smart Car came in dead last.

The winner for the coolest car is the Porsche, for the 12th year in a row. It’s also the most expensive brand in the study, since they didn’t include things like Lamborghinis or Bentleys.

The 10 coolest brands are: Porsche . . . BMW . . . Jaguar . . . Mercedes . . . Land Rover . . . Lexus . . . Lincoln . . . Audi . . . Volvo . . . and Cadillac.

And the 10 most uncool brands are: Smart . . . Fiat . . . Jeep . . . Mitsubishi . . . Chrysler . . . Scion . . . Mazda . . . Nissan . . . Dodge . . . and Subaru.

(Detroit News

The Super Bowl Has the Most Expensive Tickets of Any Sporting Event in History

The Super Bowl Has the Most Expensive Tickets of Any Sporting Event in History


Don’t let people tell you the Super Bowl is in San Francisco this year. It’s in Silicon Valley, over an hour south of San Francisco. And since people there just LOVE flashing their money around, it’s how something like THIS happens.

This Super Bowl now has the most expensive tickets of any sporting event in U.S. history. One ticket is now selling for an average of $4,957.

The old record was the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing match back in May, where tickets got up to $4,672.

(NBC 4 – Oklahoma City)