The Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2017

The Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2017

The website just released their list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2017, and it sure is lucrative to be a drug dealer.

A legal one, since almost all of the top jobs are medicine and pharmaceutical related. Although I’m sure the guys doing it illegally are pulling in solid cash too. Anyway, here are the 10 best-paying jobs, and their average salary . . .

1. Physician, $188,000.

2. Pharmacy manager, $149,000.

3. Patent attorney, $140,000.

4. Medical science liaison, $133,000.

5. Pharmacist, $126,000.

6. Enterprise architect, $113,000.

7. Physician assistant, $113,000.

8. App development manager, $112,000.

9. Research and development manager, $112,000.

10. Corporate accountant or controller, $111,000.



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The FDA Approved a Drug That Can Dissolve Your Double Chin

The FDA Approved a Drug That Can Dissolve Your Double Chin


We’ve all had that moment . . . you turn on your cell phone to take a photo, it’s still on the selfie setting, and see what your chin looks like from a low angle. And it’s HORRIFYING. So I feel like this drug is going to be worth BILLIONS.

The FDA just approved a new drug called Kybella that targets and dissolves the fat in your DOUBLE CHIN. It’s the first method they’ve approved to get rid of neck fat without surgery.

A dermatologist just gives you a bunch of injections of Kybella under your jaw line, and it goes right to work. It might take a few sessions, but you’ll be healed in a few days and you won’t even need bandages.

And now, the downside. Kybella isn’t approved to eliminate fat in OTHER parts of your body . . . and even worse, a few of the people who used it in clinical trials wound up with NERVE INJURIES that warped their faces. But hey, most of them didn’t?

It’s scheduled to go on sale next month.


The 11 WORST Christmas Gifts Men Can Give

The 11 WORST Christmas Gifts Men Can Give


If you’re like the stereotypical guy in sitcoms and commercials, you haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet. But that might actually be a good thing . . . at least you can hear THIS before you buy anything.

A new study had women name the worst gifts their husband or boyfriend could buy them. Here are the top 11 . . .

  1.  Socks.
  2.  Bath salts . . . the stuff you get at Bath and Body Works for the bathtub, NOT the drug that makes you eat people’s faces.
  3.  Chocolate.
  4.  Perfume . . . because you’ll never pick the right one.
  5.  Body spray.
  6.  Toiletries.
  7.  Gift cards.
  8.  Kitchenware.
  9.  Cash.
  10.  Windshield wipers. (???)
  11.  A sewing kit.


Justin Bieber's House Was Raided, Lil Za gets Arrested

Justin Bieber's House Was Raided, Lil Za gets Arrested

Justin-Biebers-House-RAIDED-Lil-Za-Arrested-0114-1This seems a little excessive, but police RAIDED JUSTIN BIEBER’S house yesterday to find evidence that he egged his neighbor’s home last week.

Seriously . . . 12 cops in eight police cars responded to an egging report by showing up with a search warrant.  Justin didn’t answer questions because he didn’t have a lawyer present.  Police say he hasn’t been charged or exonerated yet.

One thing they’re looking for is video from Justin’s own surveillance cameras that shows him in the act of vandalizing his neighbor’s house.  They’re also looking for anything else that links Justin to the incident, like egg residue.

We don’t know if they found any of that, but they DID find DRUGS.  But it looks like Justin won’t take the fall for that.  At least not yet.  Because it was his friend LIL ZA who was holding.

Police initially said the drug was COCAINE, but now there’s word that it might have been MOLLY . . . that form of ecstasy that cool people like Miley Cyrus and Madonna sing about.  He may have also had Xanax on him.

And check this out:  Lil Za got RE-ARRESTED before he could leave the jailhouse yesterday afternoon.  He was just about to be released on bail, and he was on the phone with somebody.  But he got angry for some reason and smashed the phone.

They booked him again on a vandalism charge.

Zan Efron breaks jaw after accidentally slipping on his face

Zan Efron breaks jaw after accidentally slipping on his face

Zac-EfronThe hunky actor had to have his mouth wired shut after he accidentally slipped a fell on his face outside his home in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Zac can’t speak at the moment due to the injury and also sustained a large gash on his face that required stitches during the late night accident.

The 26-year-old is expected to make a full recovery but has been forced to cancel his upcoming promotional tour for his new movie ‘That Awkward Moment,’ which is due to be released in January.

** Zac went to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse earlier this year.


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