TRENDING: How does your face line up?

TRENDING: How does your face line up?

The Mannequin Challenge is so November 13th. If you’re still doing it, get with the times, grandma.

Here’s the HOTTEST new viral trend: People are folding dollar bills in half strategically, then taking a picture where half of their face is lined up with the face on the bill. So on a $5 bill, you and LINCOLN would join together to make one complete face.

And if you get the perspective and the angle right, half of your face seamlessly matches with the half of the face on the bill and it’s actually a pretty good effect.


A Woman Found a Note on a Dollar That Said, “It’s Always Been You, Come and Find Me” . . . And Two People Reconnected When It Went Viral

A Woman Found a Note on a Dollar That Said, “It’s Always Been You, Come and Find Me” . . . And Two People Reconnected When It Went Viral

Note on a Dollar

A woman in Ireland named Denise O’Reilly grabbed some money from her purse last month, and one of the bills had a message on it that said, “Christy, it’s always been you. Come and find me.” And it was signed by someone named Megan.

So Denise posted a picture of it online, and asked people to share it, so whoever ‘Christy’ was might see it. And it actually WORKED. Thousands of people shared it on Facebook, and a guy named Christy Leech came forward the next day.

It turns out he’s a musician, and his ex-girlfriend wrote the note. He says they broke up a while back, then she came to one of his shows about six months ago, and wrote the note before she used the bill to pay the cover.

Apparently she thought the money would go straight to the band, but Christy didn’t see it, and never knew she was there. He also says her name isn’t actually Megan. It’s an inside joke, because he THOUGHT her name was Megan the first time they met.

It’s not clear if they’re dating again, and we still don’t know her real name. But he confirmed that they ARE back in touch now.

By the way, he also said the line “It’s always been you” that she wrote on the money is the name of a SONG he wrote about her while they were still together.

( / The Sun)

Note on a Dollar

I Lost $100 Million – And I’ve Never Been Happier

I Lost $100 Million – And I’ve Never Been Happier


Could you ever have too much money?

What’s the perfect amount?

The “New York Post” just posted a conversation with 46-year-old Manhattan writer and mother-of-one, Suzanne Corso, who used to be a member of the one percent, until her husband Anthony, a financier, lost their $100 million dollar fortune during the 2008 fiscal crisis.

Corso explains that in November 2005, she, her husband and their six-year-old daughter were living in an 11-room suite at the Ritz-Carlton on Wall Street. Corso says she was appalled by the excess since she grew up on food stamps in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and she felt like she and her husband might be raising a spoiled kid.

Then three years later, Anthony blew his entire $100 million dollar fortune during the financial crisis. Corso says “looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened. Hanging out with the uber-wealthy was dull and empty.

If someone handed me $100 million today, I’d give it back in a heartbeat.” She experienced private planes, yachts, exotic safaris, and hanging out with celebrities, not to mention having three vacation homes in the Hamptons and on North Fork, and sending her daughter to private schools.

After everything blew up, they had to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Battery Park City and Anthony got depressed.

Corso decided to become a writer, and her book, “Brooklyn Story,” became a best-seller in 2010.

Her latest book, “Hello Hollywood,” was published last month.

Source: NY Post

Joan Rivers' Estate Goes to…

Joan Rivers' Estate Goes to…


  • Joan Rivers passed abercrombie outlet away September 4th.
  • Her business was in order.
  • She left her $150 million abercrombie outlet uk dollar estate to her daughter, Melissa, and grandson, Cooper.
  • She also made provisions abercrombie sale for her dogs — two in New York City and two in Los Angeles.

Joan Rivers made her money by telling jokes, but she was serious about her business – and it was in order when she passed away on September 4th. And says that she left her $150 million dollar fortune to the people and animals she loved.

Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, and grandson, Cooper will be well taken care of. Her New York rescue dogs Samantha and Teegan in New York City – who were by her side when she passed away – along with her Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier in Los Angeles are also provided for. No exact figures were given as to how the cash was divvied up, but suffice to say everyone will be alright.
At this point, nothing’s been confirmed, but it’s thought that Joan’s longtime assistant, Jocelyn, will care for the dogs. Rivers abercrombie and fitch outlet uk ’ goddaughter Tracie Hotchner wrote on her , “How could you not love a woman who, when push came to shove, called her doggies her best friends and in later years said they were better companions than a husband because ‘they didn’t leave the seat up!’”