Facebook Is Testing “Reaction Emojis”

Facebook Is Testing “Reaction Emojis”


Remember last month when Facebook announced they were finally adding a DISLIKE button? People were thrilled. I mean, what could be MORE useful in an election year.

But now it looks like that might NOT be the plan. Instead of a dislike button, Facebook has started testing “reaction emojis.” Lame.

In other words, there’d be no option to click a thumbs-down to “dislike” a post. There would be seven different emojis to choose from.

The old ‘thumbs-up’ to like a post . . . a heart for “love” . . . a laughing face for “haha” . . . a happy face for “yay” . . . a shocked face for “wow” . . . a crying face for “sad” . . . and a mad face for “anger.”

Right now they’re just being tested in Ireland and Spain . . . there’s no word whether Facebook plans to take them worldwide.


Facebook is Finally Adding a ‘Dislike’ Button

Facebook is Finally Adding a ‘Dislike’ Button

'Dislike' Button

‘Dislike’ Button

Facebook has finally bowed to public demand, and decided to add a ‘Dislike’ button. They announced it yesterday at a public town hall meeting that was streamed online. Who watches that?

According to MARK ZUCKERBERG, quote, “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day, because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping it.”

Right now you only have the option of “liking” something or commenting on it. The new ‘Dislike’ function will be available soon, but there’s no official date.

But whenever they do add it, it WON’T work like a voting system, where stuff that people ‘like’ gets up-voted higher, and stuff that people ‘dislike’ is down-voted and lower. So what’s the point?

According to Zuckerberg, quote, “What [users] really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

Riiight. Everybody knows what this is . . . a way to diss someone’s opinions or annoying posts without actually having to say why. But it’ll still show WHO disliked something, so you can’t flame people anonymously . . . don’t get too excited.

In other important Facebook news, Zuckerberg says his favorite emojis are the cactus, and an image of his dog Beast.