10 Random New Stats For Your Valentine’s Day

10 Random New Stats For Your Valentine’s Day

You know what makes Valentine’s Day better?  Distilling it down to a list of raw, cold facts. Hah!

We’ve got the results of a bunch of new Valentine’s Day surveys and studies here, and we pulled out the most interesting results from all of them.  Here’s the state of love in 2017 by the numbers . . .

1.  More than four out of five people are doing SOMETHING to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

2.  55% of people plan on having sex tonight.  And 34% of women say they want sex more than ANYTHING ELSE tonight.

3.  46% think today should be a national holiday and a paid day off work. 

4.  Valentine’s Day is more likely to be an END than a beginning.  13% of people have dumped someone on Valentine’s Day . . . while 12% have gotten engaged.

5.  71% of couples will go out for dinner either tonight or another night this week to celebrate.

6.  87% of people will cheat on their diet during Valentine’s Day dinner.  And 44% will order more expensive things than they normally do when they go out to eat.

7.  The worst thing you can do to kill the mood at dinner tonight is use your phone too much.  The other bad things you can do are:  Being rude to your server . . . talking about your ex or politics . . . and having bad table manners.

8.  8% of people will spend more than $500 on Valentine’s Day this year.  3% of people will spend less than $10.

9.  Men think they’re more romantic than women.  The average man gives himself an eight out of 10 for romance . . . the average woman gives herself a six out of 10.

10.  And finally, one out of five people think it’s okay to go on a first date tonight.

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The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

The Top Five Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Someone recently asked a neurologist to name the top five things we should be doing to keep our brains sharp as we get older. Here’s what he said . . .

  1. Keep socializing. You’re less likely to suffer memory loss as you get older if you have a social life. So pick hobbies that involve other people, not just stuff you do by yourself.
  2. Challenge your brain. Read, play games, and do crossword puzzles. And try something NEW every once in a while, like learning a new instrument or another language.
  3. Don’t stress out too much. A ton of studies have found that too much stress can have long-term effects on your memory and your decision-making skills.
  4. Exercise. It improves blood flow to your brain, which helps you stay focused. And it also helps with memory.
  5. Stop eating empty calories. Your brain works best when your diet is high in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, which you can get from whole grains.

And a new study that came out this week found that even if you’re not overweight, cutting calories can improve your mood, your quality of sleep, and your libido.

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The “Cake Cleanse” Diet . . . Lose Weight While You Eat Three Desserts a Day?

The “Cake Cleanse” Diet . . . Lose Weight While You Eat Three Desserts a Day?

The "Cake Cleanse" Diet

The “Cake Cleanse” Diet

I’m pretty sure you can’t lose weight gorging on cake and cookies all day long. But it sure would be cool if this was true . . .

40-year-old Deborah Schipper of Sydney, Australia just published a book about a new diet she invented called the ‘Cake Cleanse.’ The big hook is that you get to eat three DESSERTS a day . . . WHILE you lose weight.

It’s because the desserts are made with strategically healthier recipes. That means you’ll be baking cakes and cookies with ingredients like almond milk, coconut flour, and Greek yogurt.

Deborah says she came up with the diet since she couldn’t lose weight. Quote, “because I love sweets and I knew I could never give them up.”

The Cake Cleanse is a four-week program, and it’s pretty expensive. The nutrition plan and the recipe e-books cost a total of $55.

But if you want to lose weight and you really believe it’s possible to make that happen eating three desserts a day, you can buy it at CakeCleanse.com.


Seven Condiments and How Bad They Are for You

Seven Condiments and How Bad They Are for You


Your favorite condiment might be ruining your diet if you eat it a lot. Here are seven condiments, and how bad they are for you.

  1.  Salsa. It might be the healthiest condiment out there, because it’s mostly vegetables. One tablespoon only has five calories.
  2.  Mustard is another one that’s not bad, because it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamin B, and niacin, which can help lower your cholesterol. And a tablespoon only has about 15 calories. But it tends to be high in salt, so don’t use too much.
  3.  Sriracha. It’s made from chili peppers, vinegar, and garlic, and one tablespoon has 15 calories. But again, don’t use too much, because it has a lot of sugar and salt.
  4.  Relish. One tablespoon has 20 calories. But it usually has a TON of salt and sugar.
  5.  Soy sauce. A tablespoon is only 10 calories, but has a full gram of salt. The low-sodium stuff has about half that, but that’s still a lot. Most people aren’t supposed to get more than two-and-a-half grams of sodium a day.
  6.  Ketchup. The tomatoes are good for you, but that’s about it. And there’s a ton of added salt and sugar. One tablespoon has about 20 calories. But most people use more than that, and it’s usually with something bad for you, like French fries.
  7.  Mayonnaise. It’s probably the worst condiment for you, because it’s basically pure fat. One tablespoon has a HUNDRED calories.

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There Are Three New Flavors of Girl Scout Cookies . . . But Don’t Get Too Excited

There Are Three New Flavors of Girl Scout Cookies . . . But Don’t Get Too Excited


I saw a headline today that said, “Girl Scouts Add Three New Cookies to Iconic Lineup” . . . and obviously I was thrilled. “So long, New Year’s resolution . . . the Girl Scouts want to fatten me up and I’m gonna let ’em!”

Then I saw what the new flavors are . . . and frankly my diet will be just fine.

Two of the new flavors are gluten free, so, yeah . . . PASS. And the third is filled with ingredients that sound “healthy” enough to make the cookies taste bad, but not healthy enough to actually make cookies a sensible part of a good diet.

The three flavors are:

1. Gluten-Free Trios. These are gluten-free peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies made from whole grain oats.

2. Gluten-Free Toffee-tastic. These are butter cookies with little toffee bits.

3. Rah-Rah Raisins. These are basically oatmeal raisin cookies with a bad-sounding twist. They’re made with whole grain oats, raisins, and Greek yogurt-flavored chunks.

But the three flavors won’t be available everywhere . . . the Girl Scouts are rolling them out in test markets this year.

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