Football Scores
Week 7
  • PSJA Southwest 10 VS PSJA North 17
  • Rio Grande City 14 VS Laredo Nixon 31
  • Edinburg North 28 VS Edinburg Economedes 14
  • Progreso 0 VS Raymondville 43
  • McAllen High 7 VS La Joya Juarez-Lincoln 17
  • Weslaco East 20 VS Harlingen High 17
  • Santa Maria 27 VS Three Rivers 53
  • Brownsville St. Joseph 56 VS Marine Military Academy 16
  • Brownsville Pace 34 VS Donna North 27
  • Grulla 16 VS Zapata 14
  • Brownsville Rivera 0 VS Weslaco High 72
  • Sharyland High 56 VS Sharyland Pioneer 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS McAllen Memorial 24
  • Monte Alto 0 VS Hebbronville 59
  • Mercedes 34 VS Edcouch-Elsa 14
  • Laredo Martin 51 VS Roma 17
  • Mission High 21 VS McAllen Rowe 27
  • Harlingen South 16 VS San Benito 48
  • Santa Gertrudis Academy 12 VS Santa Rosa 13
  • Valley View 12 VS Laredo Cigarroa 17
  • Rio Hondo 30 VS Wes Oso 15
  • Lyford 21 VS Bishop 9
  • PSJA High 45 VS Edinburg High 28
  • Donna High 52 VS Brownsville Porter 14
10 Things That Will Get You Dumped

10 Things That Will Get You Dumped

I remember when I was really young and I could actually stop dating someone because of a minor red flag. Once you get older, you learn to overlook EVERYTHING. “Oh, you don’t ever shower? That’s so environmentally conscious!”

A new survey asked people which of these red flags would make them stop dating someone. Here are the results . . .

1. They’re very jealous and don’t like it when you hang out with your friends instead of them . . . 84% say they’d dump someone over that red flag.

2. They’re really flaky and constantly cancel plans at the last minute, 82%.

3. They keep bringing up their ex on a first date, 78%.

4. They’re rude to your server on your first dinner date, 77%.

5. They flirt with other people in front of you, 70%.

6. Their friends are awful, 68%.

7. They admit they cheated on their last significant other, 61%.

8. After you have sex for the first time, it’s awful and you realize you’re not sexually compatible, 60%.

9. Bad personal hygiene, 52%.

10. You have opposite political views, 48%.


The Very GOOD And Very BAD About Loving You, Per Your Zodiac Sign

The Very GOOD And Very BAD About Loving You, Per Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s the good and bad of dating you, based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

The good: You come up with great ideas for things to do and are enthusiastic about almost everything. You’re dynamic, fun, and funny. Oh, and you don’t limit your adventurous spirit which makes you amazing at sex.

The bad: You tend not to think before you speak, which is why you can be hurtful with your words, and you don’t think before you act which makes you impulsive and causes you to get angry quickly.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

The good: You give and give and give, making sure to give your partner everything that they need. You’re reliable, stable and strong, and the people you love feel as if you have their back and that they’re safe.

The bad: You’re beyond stubborn and you won’t give in, even when it causes you damage. You need to be right at all costs.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

The good: You’re effervescent, playful, and social. You’re fantastic at being entertaining at a party but you also do one-on-one talks extremely well.

The bad: You can be extroverted one moment and introverted the next, so one never knows which you they are going to get.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

The good: You go out of your way to care for those you love and you’re always there when they need you.

The bad: It doesn’t take long for you to get really needy. You hang as if your life depended on it and your neediness can be overwhelming.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

The good: You have such a strong sense of self and you’re very self-confident that just by being with you makes one feel better about themselves. You lift people up to your level and allow them to soar on their own.

The bad: You must be dominant in the relationship and there’s no negotiation on that. If someone threatens your position as the alpha, you don’t fight with them, you just let them go.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

The good: You’re very supportive and you’re happy to help in any way that you can with everything. When you’re with someone they feel as if they have a purpose and that their lives make sense.

The bad: You constantly complain about your own problems and that can be exhausting.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The good: You’re easy-going, romantic, and you give weight to what you say. You’re not going to say something unkind if you can possibly avoid it. People feel good around you, as if you’re able to protect them from the harsh realities of the world.

The bad: When you’re not avoiding a conflict, you’re vacillating on decisions. It’s not that you can’t make a decision, it’s just that when you do, you tend to second-guess yourself about if they were the correct decisions to make.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

The good: You make sure to give your full attention to people and you make them feel as if they’re truly heard. You’re also incredibly gifted when it comes to sex and no one has ever not been 100 percent satisfied after being with you.

The bad: When your trust issues are triggered, it can get bad for everyone. It takes you forever to trust and if your trust is somehow destroyed, you’ll go on a rampage of vengeance. It’s never a good idea to betray you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

The good: You encourage people to try new things and, in turn, you open up their worlds. You cause people to grow and change and they’re never the same after knowing you.

The bad: You can be the flakiest of the flakes. You say you’ll do something or be somewhere and completely forget about it or simply blow it off. You’re not always the most dependable person on the block.

CAPRICORN (December 22January 19)

The good: When someone needs you, there’s nothing that will prevent you from being there for them. You’ll fight their battles, support them, and you help them in any way that they need.

The bad: You can be closed off and fearful of change. You don’t like to feel as if you aren’t in control and this can make you scared to do something out of the ordinary or take chances.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

The good: You’re smart and very thoughtful in creative ways. You don’t just give someone a gift, you give them the most appropriate, considerate gift on earth.

The bad: Your schedule is packed and it’s hard for you to block out time to see the people you care about, let alone time for yourself.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

The good: You’re unbelievably kind and giving. You want to save the world and all of its inhabitants but you still make sure to give your bae the attention they deserve.

The badIt doesn’t take much to get you into panic mode where you start freaking out about everything. You care and give too much of yourself to others. It’s okay to distance yourself a little bit.

“Breadcrumbing” Has Replaced Ghosting as the New Way to Torture the People You’re Dating

“Breadcrumbing” Has Replaced Ghosting as the New Way to Torture the People You’re Dating

GHOSTING has been the top way to TORTURE the people you’re dating for a few years now. That’s when, suddenly, you cut off all communication with them, stop returning their messages, and basically disappear . . . like a ghost.

Well, apparently there’s a new dating torture method that’s becoming more and more common in the Tinder era. It’s called “breadcrumbing.”

That’s where you meet someone online and string them along FOREVER with messages . . . even though you have no intention of ever actually meeting up with them or dating them.


A Study Finds the Best Pose to Help You Attract People in Online Dating

A Study Finds the Best Pose to Help You Attract People in Online Dating

Whether or not someone swipes right on you on Tinder usually comes down to a matter of SECONDS. They glance at your picture, make an instant judgment, and swipe. So you’d better make that picture count.

A new study out of Princeton University found the best pose for getting dates. And the trick is . . . to spread yourself out.

The researchers found that people who had pictures where they held their arms out to the sides or put their feet on a desk and leaned back with their hands behind their head had more success than people who crossed their arms or kept their arms in tight.

And the difference is significant: People who stretched themselves out in their photos got almost TWICE as many messages as people who closed themselves off.

The researchers say that basically, you’re just like a peacock. Quote, “In the animal world, taking up more space and maximizing presence is used as a signal for attracting a mate.

“By exerting dominance, they’re trying to signal, ‘I am able to do things, I have a space, I have access to resources.”


(Here are two good “open” poses and two bad “closed” poses.)


The Ages When You Have the Best Sex, Health, Finances, Career, and More

The Ages When You Have the Best Sex, Health, Finances, Career, and More

Flickr / Chiara Lisa Lippi / Portrait of happiness

Photo Credit: Flickr / Chiara Lisa Lippi / Portrait of happiness

It’s a good thing all the big things in your life peak at different times. If they all happened at once, the rest of your life would suck.

A new survey found when the average person has 10 different key milestones in their life. Check ’em out . . .

  1. Best dating life . . . age 24.
  2. Best health . . . age 30.
  3. Most confidence in your body . . . age 31.
  4. Best sex . . . age 32.
  5. Finding your “true love” . . . age 32.
  6. Happiest in your career . . . age 38.
  7. Happiest overall . . . age 39.
  8. Most content in your relationship . . . age 40.
  9. Best salary . . . age 42.
  10. And most total wealth . . . age 47.

(Daily Mail)