10 Things That Make People Think You’re Creepy

10 Things That Make People Think You’re Creepy

Photo Credit: Flickr | tomcensani

Photo Credit: Flickr | tomcensani

In case you’re creeping other people out, we found a scientific study that’s going to be useful. Not for me . . . I’m suave and amazing. For OTHER people.

A new study by the British Psychological Society found the habits and qualities that make someone seem CREEPY. Here are the top 10 . . .

  1. Wearing strange or dirty clothes.
  2. Having pale skin.
  3. Bags under your eyes.
  4. Messy hair.
  5. Steering a conversation toward one topic . . . especially sex.
  6. Asking to take a picture of someone.
  7. Greasy hair.
  8. Standing too close to people.
  9. An unusual smile.
  10. Bulging eyes.

The study also found the four creepiest jobs are clown . . . taxidermist . . . sex shop owner . . . and funeral director. The creepiest hobby is collecting something weird, like fingernails or insects.


Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Tons of celebrities dressed up for Halloween this weekend.  Here's what they wore:



1.  IGGY AZALEA may have won Halloween with her "sexy cat" costume.  It's not what you're thinking . . . it's BETTER.






2.  HEIDI KLUM always goes all-out for Halloween.  And she did it again this year by covering her face almost completely with prosthetics to dress as Jessica Rabbit(She's got a ton more pics on her Instagram page.)






3.  TYRA BANKS pulled off a crazy transformation, too.  She dressed as RICHARD BRANSON.






4.  NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and his family always crush it.  This year, they did "Star Wars".  Neil was Obi-Wan, his husband David Burtka was Han Solo, and the kids were Luke and Leia.






5.  ALYSSA MILANO won Best Feminist Metaphor by posting a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby in a Wonder Woman costume from last year.






6.  MILEY CYRUS went back to her Disney roots.  Well, sort of.  She posted a picture of herself dressed as Cinderella . . . smoking a blunt.  She captioned it, "Cindersmelly high as hell and her bra strap showin'."






7.  JUSTIN BIEBER chose what's probably Will Ferrell's LEAST popular movie character:  Jackie Moon from "Semi-Pro".






8.  KATY PERRY had an interesting concept for a costume:  A MIC DROP.  She also did that creepy thing where you paint eyeballs on your eyelids.






9.  CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY knew how to grab herself a headline.  She went to George Clooney's Casamingos Tequila party as a dominatrix.



. . . CHANNING TATUM and his wife JENNA DEWAN were at that party, too . . . both as the Cat in the Hat.  Jenna's version was sluttier . . . the way Dr. Seuss intended.  (???)



. . .  PARIS HILTON was some kind of slutty warrior . . . and SETH MACFARLANE was Chewbacca.







10.  BEYONCÉ, JAY Z, and Blue Ivy did a "Coming to America" theme.  Jay was Eddie Murphy's character, Prince Akeem, Beyoncé was his mother, and Blue was one of his potential brides.






11.  TAYLOR SWIFT mixed Halloween and Christmas, by dressing as Olaf the snowman from "Frozen" and bringing ADELE DAZEEM onstage to sing "Let It Go".






12.  JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX were spotted wearing cheesy plastic masks . . . which probably had more to do with avoiding photographers than celebrating Halloween.




13.  KYLIE JENNER was a sexy warrior and a "snow princess". 


(She also got turned into a zombie for TYGA's "Dope'd Up" video.)







14.  KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and her kids were all superheroes.  Kourtney and Penelope were Captain America, Mason was Spider-Man, and Reign was the Flash.  Meanwhile, Scott Disick was Nowhere, Man.  (???)






15.  TOM BRADY and GISELE BUNDCHEN's kids were Nemo from "Finding Nemo" and the Hulk.






16.  GWEN STEFANI was a bloody cowgirl.  Don't ask me.






17.  Here's GWYNETH PALTROW and her daughter Apple with skull makeup.






18.  JESSICA ALBA and a friend did Romy and Michelle.






19.  THE ROCK should have known that "one size fits most" doesn't apply to him.  He still rocked his tiny Popeye costume, though.






20.  JOHN CENA and his girlfriend, WWE Diva NIKKI BELLA, recreated a scene from "Dumb and Dumber".






21.  VIOLA DAVIS's daughter dressed as . . . Viola Davis.







22.  JESSICA SIMPSON and her husband did Christie Brinkley and Chevy Chase from "Vacation".






23.  A BABY POPE showed up at a White House Halloween party.  BARACK and MICHELLE approved.



There’s a Toy Company That Will Make a Stuffed Animal Replica of Your Pet

There’s a Toy Company That Will Make a Stuffed Animal Replica of Your Pet


The only thing that’s weird about this business is that no one thought of it sooner.

There’s a new toy company called Cuddle Clones that will make you a stuffed animal replica of your PET. You send them some photos and information, and they send you back a stuffed animal that looks as similar to your pet as possible.

They do dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, pigs, horses . . . you name it. And based on the photos we’ve seen, they’re actually pretty accurate.

You can do it to get a stuffed version of a pet that’s still alive . . . maybe to take on vacation, or send to college with your emotionally-stilted child.

Or you can do it to get a stuffed version of a DEAD pet . . . which is creepy, but still way less creepy than going to a taxidermist.

You can order yours at CuddleClones.com. It starts at $199 for dogs and cats, and they’ve already got so many orders that people who get in now will probably have to wait until July to get their stuffed animals.


The Eight Creepiest Things You Can Do on Facebook

The Eight Creepiest Things You Can Do on Facebook

What are the creepiest things you can do on Facebook? Some of the best ones are: Tagging yourself in someone else’s engagement photo . . . requesting someone’s relationship status and address . . . and friending someone else’s grandma.

The words "creepy" and "Facebook" are pretty much intertwined now . . . since everyone has done SOMETHING creepy on Facebook. But when you get beyond stalking your exes, what OTHER creepy things go on?

Here’s a list from Gizmodo.com of the eight creepiest things you can do on Facebook . . . and they really nailed it.

1. Posting a photo of your face on someone else’s wall with zero explanation.

2. Tagging yourself in someone else’s engagement photo.

3. Commenting on someone’s photo from 10 years ago as if it’s current. Like, if they’re eating a donut, write, "Mmm! Looks good!"

4. Commenting on someone’s life events you had no part in.

5. Requesting someone’s relationship status . . . and their address.

6. Friending someone’s GRANDMOTHER.

7. POKING someone’s grandmother.

8. Sincerely interacting and engaging with brands. Think of how weirded out your friends will be when they see you respond, "LOL" to a super lame joke that Burger King or T-Mobile posted.


A Farmer Has Found a Way to Grow Pumpkins That Look Just Like Frankenstein’s Monster

A Farmer Has Found a Way to Grow Pumpkins That Look Just Like Frankenstein’s Monster

cingaro farms 600x450

Instead of carving a pumpkin LIKE A SUCKER this year, just let creepy agricultural engineering take care of things for you.

Tony Dighera is a farmer in Fillmore, California, and he figured out a way to grow pumpkins in a mold that makes them look just like Frankenstein’s monster. They’re tall, narrow, and have the monster face molded right into them.

It took him four years and $500,000 to get these pumpkins right. They’re sold out on his website right now but grocery stores around the world are importing them . . . if your grocery store has them, expect to pay at least $100 each.

Tony is working on a new mold now for pumpkins that look like a Jolly Roger-type pirate . . . those will be on sale next Halloween.

(Los Angeles Daily News