Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier

Couples Who Get Drunk Together Are Happier


According to a study from the State University of New York in Buffalo, drunk couples are HAPPIER.

A professor of health behavior named Dr. Gregory Homish led the research . . . he’s been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for ten years.

He wanted to see if drinking and smoking caused problems in relationships over time, or if it was the difference in the AMOUNT of drinking and smoking between a husband and wife that caused problems.

So they had 600 couples answer questions before their wedding, then a year later, then two years, four, and seven. And not surprisingly, ALL couples saw their satisfaction go down somewhat over the years, no matter what their vices were. Bummer.

And yeah, drinking and smoking a lot can strain a marriage. But . . . couples with different habits at different LEVELS were MORE likely to feel dissatisfaction.

In other words, couples who BOTH drank and smoked were more likely to be happy with their marriage. And they were even more likely to be happy if it was at the same level. Also, the satisfaction was higher when it comes to alcohol, compared to smoking.

Which maybe isn’t THAT surprising, when you factor in the randiness that comes with getting your drink on.

(Your Tango / SUNY)

If You Want to Date Someone Hotter Than You, Become Friends With Them First

If You Want to Date Someone Hotter Than You, Become Friends With Them First


Everything you’ve ever heard about dating tells you NOT to get stuck in the friend zone. Because the other person will never see you as anything other than a buddy. But what if that’s WRONG?

A team of psychologists from Northwestern University in Illinois just did a study, and found that if you want to date someone HOTTER than you, you should become FRIENDS with them first.

They found that couples who were around the same level of attractiveness had started dating an average of a MONTH after they met. Couples that were more mismatched in attractiveness had usually known each other MUCH longer.

The theory is pretty simple. Even if your looks don’t blow someone away at first, once they become friends with you and get to know your personality, they could still find themselves attracted to you.

Of course, there’s no guarantee your super hot friends WILL eventually want to date you . . . we’re just saying it’s the best chance you’ve got.


The Five Most Annoying Things About Valentine’s Day

The Five Most Annoying Things About Valentine’s Day


If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get annoyed by everyone shoving it in your face all day. But even if you ARE in a relationship . . . it’s ALSO annoying to see those couples who don’t have your restraint.

A new survey found the five most annoying things about Valentine’s Day . . . voted on by both single people AND people in relationships . . .

1. Public displays of affection.

2. A flood of pictures on social media from people bragging about their relationships, the presents they got, and the flowers that showed up for them at work.

3. People talking about Valentine’s Day, how good their relationships are, and NOTHING ELSE for the entire day.

4. Seeing couples celebrating everywhere.

5. Not having a date. This applies to people in relationships too, who decided to just do something low-key for Valentine’s Day, or celebrate it on another less crowded night . . . then get jealous.


You Can’t Tell If You’re Being Cheated On . . . But Strangers Can Spot It Immediately

You Can’t Tell If You’re Being Cheated On . . . But Strangers Can Spot It Immediately


If you’re worried someone is cheating on you, here’s how to find out: Invite some strangers over to play Pictionary with you. Yes, really.

A new study out of Brigham Young University in Utah found that we can’t tell if we’re being cheated on . . . but STRANGERS can spot it almost immediately.

In the test, they had people watch couples do a task where one was blindfolded, and the other person had to guide them to draw something. Then the researchers asked the strangers if the couples were faithful, or if one person was cheating.

And the people watching the couples got it right SO often that it couldn’t have been lucky guesses . . . the difference was THAT statistically significant.

But the researchers say they’re not exactly sure HOW or WHY strangers are so good at spotting cheating couples . . . that’s going to take more research.


(Huffington Post)


Couples Who Meet Online Are More Likely to Break Up

Couples Who Meet Online Are More Likely to Break Up


Finding someone to date online seems pretty easy for most people . . . and if you swipe enough photos to the right on Tinder SOMEONE’S going to swipe you back. But does all that make it TOO easy?

A new study out of Michigan State University found couples who meet online or through a dating app are more likely to break up than couples who meet the old-fashioned way.

The theory here is that it’s too easy to meet someone online . . . so people put less thought into whether they really have long-term potential with someone before they dive into a relationship.

And in a different study, about one in three people between 18 and 25 have had SEX with someone they met through a dating app like Tinder.

But . . . it’s not particularly GOOD sex. When people rated the sex they had with someone from Tinder versus sex with someone they met offline, the Tinder sex got lower scores in every category: Duration, excitement, comfort, and satisfaction.


(Playboy / Daily Mail)