The Most Popular Dog Names in 2016

The Most Popular Dog Names in 2016

A list with the most popular DOG names for this year just came out and they’re remarkably similar to the most popular ones last year.  See?  Nothing has changed in 2016.  The world is still the same place it’s always been.

The top 10 names for male dogs in 2016 were:  Max . . . Charlie . . . Buddy . . . Cooper . . . Jack . . . Rocky . . . Bear . . . Duke . . . Toby . . . and Tucker.

And the top 10 names for female dogs were:  Bella . . . Lucy . . . Daisy . . . Lola . . . Luna . . . Molly . . . Sadie . . . Sophie . . . Bailey . . . and Maggie.

There was only ONE name on each list that wasn’t in the top 10 in 2015:  Tucker for male dogs and Bailey for female ones.


A Group of Fifth Graders Stuck Up for a Special Needs Student, and Changed His Life

A Group of Fifth Graders Stuck Up for a Special Needs Student, and Changed His Life

Last fall, five fifth-graders at a school in Mankato, Minnesota noticed a kid with special needs getting picked on at recess. His name is James Willmert. And they did more than stick up for him. They went WAY above and beyond.

Their names are Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones, Jake Burgess, Landon Kopischke, and Jack Pemble. We wanted to say their names, because they deserve it.

First, they made sure the bullying stopped, and they have his back at recess every day now. And when they realized he didn’t really have any friends, they told him to start sitting with THEM at lunch, and made him part of their group.

Now they all play football and basketball together at recess. His mom says he used to HATE recess, but now he can’t wait for it. And she recently put up a basketball hoop in their driveway, because he’s gotten really into sports.

The guys also started helping him with little things he has trouble with, like opening a bag of chips or tying his shoes.

And finally, one of them recently asked what video games he has. James said he didn’t have any, so they pooled their money . . . got their parents to chip in a little more . . . and bought him a PlayStation.

James’s mom says they’ve changed her son’s life.

Now that is what I call HEROES!!!!

IHOP Just Realized After 20 Years That Their Logo Kinda Looks Like a Frown

IHOP Just Realized After 20 Years That Their Logo Kinda Looks Like a Frown


IHOP has had the same logo for the past 20 years: A blue box with “IHOP” written in it, with a red curved banner underneath that says “RESTAURANT.”

And after two decades, they just realized that it kind of looks like a FROWN.

It’s a little bit of a stretch, but the “O” and the “P” from “IHOP” look like eyes and a nose, and the red banner underneath looks like a mouth that’s frowning.

So they’ve changed their logo . . . by flipping the red curve 180 degrees so now it looks like a smile.

A marketing executive from IHOP gave a very “marketing executive” statement about the whole thing.

Quote, “A person’s frown is just not in concert with guests’ expectations . . . in many cases, just thinking about our world famous pancakes makes [people] smile.”

(Marketwatch / Consumerist

Buyer Beware! Three Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying Stuff

Buyer Beware! Three Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying Stuff

You probably know a lot of the ways companies trick you into buying stuff . . . like making something 49.99 instead of $50. But here are three tricks you might NOT know about.

1. They put things in tall, skinny packages. In most cases, they could fit the same product in a short, wide package. But studies have found that when we see a tall, narrow box, we automatically think there’s more in it.

2. They CLAIM something’s cheap, and we believe it. In a 2007 study, researchers offered overnight shipping for “a $5 fee.” Then they changed the ad so it said “a SMALL $5 fee” . . . and suddenly 20% more people were interested.

3. Price anchoring. That’s the term they use when they put a price on something that’s way higher than they EVER planned on selling it for.

Like at a clothing store, you might see a tag that says the “original” price was $56. But in reality, the store NEVER sold it for that price. They just put it on there, because then you see $32 and think it’s a DEAL.

Chris Brown's Life After Jail

Chris Brown's Life After Jail

chrisbrowncourtNow that Chris Brown is out of jail, sources say he’s making up for lost time with Karrueche Tran. According Hollywood Life, he’s planning to spend every moment he possibly can. In fact, the word is that they’re going to take time to marinate in each other’s love.

In addition, Breezy is supposedly a changed man who has learned to respect both Tran and his mom, Joyce Hawkins. A source said, “Jail was one of those things that has humbled Chris and really just made him understand, point blank, that the world doesn’t revolve around him.”
Brown still isn’t out of the woods. He’s still facing a trial in Washington, DC on assault charges.