Three Tips on How to Not Go Overboard With Your Kid’s Easter Baskets

Three Tips on How to Not Go Overboard With Your Kid’s Easter Baskets

Since Easter is on Sunday, here are a couple stats for you about Easter baskets . . .

  1.  Nearly 90% of Easter baskets will contain candy or chocolate.
  2.  52% of us prefer our chocolate eggs to be filled with cream or caramel . . . 32% like their chocolate eggs to be solid . . . and 16% like it hollow.
  3.  81% of parents admit to STEALING candy from their kids’ Easter baskets.

The survey also found that 91% of parents plan to talk to their kids about balance when it comes to eating Easter candy. So here are three tips to help you with that . . .

  1.  Buy small. Meaning the candy AND the Easter basket itself. If the basket is small, it won’t take as much candy to fill . . . and fun-size candy can make a HUGE difference in how much sugar your kid eats at one time.
  2.  Fill it with stuff other than candy. Like stickers, pencils, Legos, crayons, and other art supplies.
  3.  Set some expectations. According to a dietician, one easy way to limit your kid’s candy intake is to include a note from the Easter Bunny, telling them how much they can eat each day. That way YOU don’t come out looking like the bad guy.

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If You Eat 155 Fun Size Snickers Today, You Will Die

If You Eat 155 Fun Size Snickers Today, You Will Die


Halloween Candy – Snickers

It’s two days after Halloween, and unless you let your kids run wild, that means there’s still a giant pile of halloween candy in your house. Which begs the question: Should you eat it ALL?

Well . . . as much as I hate to stand in the way of that plan, you probably shouldn’t. Or you will die.

According to the American Chemical Society, you can die from a SUGAR OVERDOSE if you eat 13.5 grams of sugar for every pound of your body weight in one sitting.

The average American man weighs 195.5 pounds. So if you eat 251 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 155 fun size Snickers, or 102 fun size packages of M&Ms, you’ve got a chance of dropping dead.

The average American woman weighs 166.2 pounds. So you could die if you eat 214 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 132 fun size Snickers, or 86 fun size packages of M&Ms.

(Los Angeles Times)


10 Worst Halloween Candies to Get Trick-or-Treating

10 Worst Halloween Candies to Get Trick-or-Treating


Do you have deep emotional scars from bad Halloween candy you got as a kid? It sounds crazy . . . but I’ll never forget when I sat down after trick-or-treating, and tried Milk Duds for the first time. Never again. put together a list of the worst Halloween candy to get when you’re trick-or-treating. It’s totally subjective, but it’s hard to argue with a lot of their picks. Here are the top 10 . . .

  1.  Necco Wafers.
  2.  Smarties. That’s two “chalk-y” items in the top two spots.
  3.  Candy buttons.
  4.  Candy corn.
  5.  Brach’s Pumpkins. Those are the little pumpkin versions of candy corn.
  6.  Dum Dums lollipops.
  7.  Tootsie Rolls.
  8.  Hot Tamales.
  9.  Laffy Taffy, specifically the banana flavor.
  10.  Twizzlers.


Five Random Facts About Easter Candy

Five Random Facts About Easter Candy

Photo credit: Flicker | Dave Haygarth

Photo credit: Flicker | Dave Haygarth | Easter Sunday

Easter is on Sunday, and Americans are expected to spend around $2.4 BILLION just on candy. With that in mind, here are five random facts about Easter candy . . .

  1. Easter is the second-biggest candy holiday of the year. Halloween is first, followed by Easter.
  2. 87% of parents will buy or make an Easter basket for their kids. And 81% of them will STEAL candy from their kid’s stash.
  3. 89% of people believe the proper way to eat a chocolate bunny is ears first. 5% like to eat the feet first and 4% go for the tail.
  4. More than 1.5 BILLION Peeps are consumed each year. And there are 35 flavors of Peeps available each Easter season.
  5. Americans eat more than 16 million jelly beans during Easter. That’s enough jelly beans to circle the globe three times.


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