Five Small Ways to Be Healthier This Year

Five Small Ways to Be Healthier This Year

If you’re trying to be healthier this year, here are five small changes that don’t require much effort.  But they can actually make a difference . . .

  1.   Start calling yourself a “runner.”  Or if you like tennis, start referring to yourself as a “tennis player.”  A study at Winona University in Minnesota found that giving yourself a label like that encourages you to do the activity more, regardless of what it is.
  2.   Make sure you get a good night’s sleep on Tuesdays.  A recent study found it’s the night we’re most LIKELY to get a good night’s sleep, because we’re less likely to drink or stay out late.  So try not to waste it.
  3.   Put a plant on your desk at work.  It makes you more productive, and it can increase job satisfaction by 20%.  So it’s an easy way to boost your MENTAL health.
  4.   Record yourself brushing your teeth.  If you do it every other day for about two weeks, your technique should get better.
  5.   Wash your reusable water bottle every day.  It seems like you shouldn’t have to since you’re only putting water in there.  But it can actually get pretty disgusting if you don’t.  Bacteria from your hands and mouth can get in there and then multiply.

So either toss it in the dishwasher every night, or let it soak in water that’s mixed with a little bit of vinegar or bleach.

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The New Sexy Pose is “Fingermouthing” . . . the Duckface Is Over

The New Sexy Pose is “Fingermouthing” . . . the Duckface Is Over

You probably know about the DUCKFACE, even if you’ve never done it yourself. It’s that face women make in selfies to look sexy, where they pucker their lips like they’re about to kiss someone.

Well, duckface is OVER. The new sexy pose for selfies is “fingermouthing.” That’s where you gently and strategically position your fingers on and around your lips.

Maybe you’re pulling on your lips a little, maybe just brushing against them, whatever it takes to look sexy and flirtatious . . . and maybe a little shy and mysterious.

A woman named Kristen Hancher who posts style photos on Instagram says it’s definitely now a “thing.”

Quote, “It feels more natural than to just pose. There’s some seductive implication as well, considering it brings focus towards the lips, but it also helps frame your face.”


Are We All Brushing Our Teeth Wrong?

Are We All Brushing Our Teeth Wrong?


There’s a dentist who says we’ve all been brushing our teeth wrong our whole lives. And I know it seems crazy to take this one guy’s advice over every other dentist in HISTORY, but let’s just hear this lunatic out, okay?

Most people brush, floss, then rinse. Or brush, rinse, then floss. Right?

Well, Dr. Matthew Lloyd is a dentist in England, and he says you should do the whole thing in REVERSE: Floss first to get food particles loose . . . then rinse with mouthwash . . . THEN brush your teeth.

Quote, “It’s better to remove plaque and food debris with floss before rinsing the bacteria away with mouth wash.

“Ideally, you should finish your oral care routine by brushing your teeth. That way, the toothpaste says in contact with your teeth and gums for longer and will provide better protection.”

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The Ten Things That Instantly Make Men and Women More Confident

The Ten Things That Instantly Make Men and Women More Confident


What’s something that INSTANTLY makes you more confident? According to a new survey, the top answer for guys was . . . “A SUNNY DAY”. Followed by a clean shave.

For women it’s a new HAIRCUT, and a sunny day came in second. So apparently nice weather boosts our confidence? Which makes sense. But it’s probably skewed here because they did the survey in the UK . . . where obviously the weather ISN’T sunny.

Anyway, here are the top ten things that instantly make WOMEN more confident.

  1. A new haircut . . . unless of course it’s TERRIBLE.
  2. A sunny day.
  3. Walking in heels.
  4. Learning a new skill.
  5. Booking a vacation.
  6. Shaved legs.
  7. Lipstick.
  8. Having a tan.
  9. Wearing a little black dress.
  10. Designer perfume.

Now here are the ten things that instantly make MEN more confident.

  1. A sunny day.
  2. A fresh shave.
  3. A new suit.
  4. Brushing your teeth.
  5. Wearing aftershave.
  6. Being praised at work.
  7. A new haircut.
  8. Sleeping in fresh sheets . . . which is RARE for a lot of guys.
  9. Learning a new skill.
  10. Asking someone on a date, and getting a “yes”. Being asked out was number 12 for women.


(Check out the full top 20 lists here.)

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