Hobbies that Make You More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Hobbies that Make You More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

eHarmony analyzed what creates the highest interest in a profile and found that men get the most hits if they mention exercise, travelling, dancing and cooking and women do if they list outdoor activities, politics, pets, photography and sport.

These are the hobbies that make people more attractive to the opposite sex:

Traveling– They are adventurous and not content with staying on home soil. They may speak another language too- you know that you will not get bored of this person as they are always looking for the next big high.

Exercise– They take pride in how they look and making sure they can live as long as possible- if things go well the longer you have together the better.

Theatre– They are cultured- the cinema just won’t hack it for them- they like the rawness of theatre- so they are better at accepting imperfections.

Dancing– They like to keep fit but in a fun way- they are not slaves to the gym- they make looking and feeling good easy and enjoyable. They are easy and like to see the good in everything.

Cooking– They don’t expect you to fall into any stereotypical roles and like to take pride in what they put in their bodies. They have patience in order to do this which extends to their personal life too.

Outdoor interests– They will never be seen moping around on the couch if it’s a nice day- they are out and about and appreciate the smaller things in life- they are humble creatures.

Photography– They have an eye for detail and things that other people miss. They know what you are thinking from your tone of voice or smallest change in expression- they are sensitive to your emotions.

Watching sport– They are a team player and so will only strive to do the same with you- they share and always think about themselves within the couple not as an individual.

Pets– They are kind and want to look after you- they will go out of their way to make sure that you are happy and content.

Art– They like to look at the world in a different way and that includes you- they see what everyone else has overlooked and bring out the best in you because of it.

Learning– They soak up information- you can talk for hours about snippets of knowledge, books you’ve read and regale each other with stories to learn as much about each other as possible.

Music– A great bonder if you like the same stuff, but if you don’t a useful tool to open up your mind to news things. This person makes you consider things you would never have done in the past.


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Behold! McDonald’s Has Created a Nutella Burger

Behold! McDonald’s Has Created a Nutella Burger


If I were ever going to commit to gaining 500 pounds, THIS just might be the calorie delivery method I would go with.

McDonald’s in Italy just created a brand new Nutella burger. Basically, it’s just a hamburger bun with a “patty” made entirely out of Nutella. There’s no meat, just a massive amount of chocolate spread.

Unfortunately, because they hate money, they probably won’t bring the burger over to the United States.


Science Proves Women Hold Grudges and Stay Angry Longer Than Men

Science Proves Women Hold Grudges and Stay Angry Longer Than Men

An Angry Woman | Flickr: Spencer Means

An Angry Woman | Flickr: Spencer Means

Next time you’re in an argument with your wife, make sure to bring this up. I’m sure she’ll love it.

A new study just proved women HOLD GRUDGES and stay angry longer than men.

Researchers at Harvard studied videos of sports like tennis and boxing from 44 different countries to see how men and women interacted with their opponents after a match.

And they found the men were MUCH friendlier with each other afterwards. And they were much more likely to have, quote, “peaceful” contact like a handshake or a hug.

The researchers say there’s an evolutionary reason why men are quicker at forgiving than women. Men originally had to work together to hunt or defend their tribe . . . while the women just took care of and defended their OWN family.

So men had to get over fights quicker to survive . . . and women had to hold grudges longer and be less trusting, also to survive.

(Daily Mail)

TxDot Child Passenger Safety Week

TxDot Child Passenger Safety Week

Thanks to those who joined us today at the TxDOT Child Passenger Safety event.

A big thank you to everyone for helping us bring awareness to the RGV about the correct installation of child safety seats!

Child Passenger Safety Week