Holding a Puppy Makes Men 24% Sexier . . . Cats Make Women Less Sexy

Holding a Puppy Makes Men 24% Sexier . . . Cats Make Women Less Sexy

Cat lovers are going to hate this study.  Researchers recently had people judge how attractive strangers were by looking at pictures of them with different PETS.  And having a DOG makes you seem much sexier than having a cat.

The sexiest pet to have if you’re a man is a PUPPY.  People thought guys were 24% sexier when they were holding a puppy . . . 14% more trustworthy . . . 7% smarter . . . and 14% more attractive overall.

Cats only made guys 5% sexier.  Kittens had even LESS of an effect, at 4%.

Once that puppy grows up, it won’t have much of an effect though.  Small and medium dogs only made guys 3% sexier, and large dogs only gave them a 2% boost.  But overall, guys were seen as slightly more attractive with dogs than cats.

If you’re a WOMAN, the sexiest pet to have is a MEDIUM-SIZED DOG.  They made women seem 7% sexier . . . 7% more trustworthy . . . 6% smarter . . . and 7% more attractive overall.

Posing with a cat actually made women slightly LESS sexy, and kittens basically had no effect.  Puppies gave women a 3% boost in sexiness . . . small dogs, 4% . . . and large dogs, 3%.


(Check out more stats from the study here.)

Five Small Ways to Be Healthier This Year

Five Small Ways to Be Healthier This Year

If you’re trying to be healthier this year, here are five small changes that don’t require much effort.  But they can actually make a difference . . .

  1.   Start calling yourself a “runner.”  Or if you like tennis, start referring to yourself as a “tennis player.”  A study at Winona University in Minnesota found that giving yourself a label like that encourages you to do the activity more, regardless of what it is.
  2.   Make sure you get a good night’s sleep on Tuesdays.  A recent study found it’s the night we’re most LIKELY to get a good night’s sleep, because we’re less likely to drink or stay out late.  So try not to waste it.
  3.   Put a plant on your desk at work.  It makes you more productive, and it can increase job satisfaction by 20%.  So it’s an easy way to boost your MENTAL health.
  4.   Record yourself brushing your teeth.  If you do it every other day for about two weeks, your technique should get better.
  5.   Wash your reusable water bottle every day.  It seems like you shouldn’t have to since you’re only putting water in there.  But it can actually get pretty disgusting if you don’t.  Bacteria from your hands and mouth can get in there and then multiply.

So either toss it in the dishwasher every night, or let it soak in water that’s mixed with a little bit of vinegar or bleach.

(Daily Mail / PopSugar)

Five Compliments Men Never Get Tired of Hearing

Five Compliments Men Never Get Tired of Hearing


Here are five compliments men never get tired of hearing . . .

  1.  “You look sexy when you cook.” Telling him he looks sexy while doing an everyday task makes him feel more appreciated than just telling him he’s hot.
  2.  “I feel safe with you.” Men like to feel like they can take care of you . . . so knowing you feel protected is an ego boost.
  3.  “I love how determined you are when you set your mind to something.” Guys love being complimented for being decisive.
  4.  “I told my friends how lucky I am to have you.” Guys love when you brag about them to your girlfriends.
  5.  “Have you been working out?” Men don’t usually get as many compliments about their looks as women do, so he’ll appreciate it when he hears it.



Walmart Hopes to Boost Employee Morale by Playing Less Celine Dion and Justin Bieber in Its Stores

Walmart Hopes to Boost Employee Morale by Playing Less Celine Dion and Justin Bieber in Its Stores


Walmart announced some changes at a recent shareholders meeting, which are intended to help boost employee morale and customer service.

And the one thing that got the biggest reception is: They’re ditching the old music that’s been playing on a loop in the stores and driving everyone INSANE.

It’s unclear what all was on the tape, but at the meeting it was made clear that it included a lot of painful JUSTIN BIEBER and CELINE DION.

One guy joked, quote, “One of my fellow associates recently developed a serious eye-tic from hearing Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop in our stores.”

They’re replacing it with “Walmart Radio,” where they’ll have their own DJ creating fresh playlists that will be piped into the stores. Other changes include tweaking the temperature in the stores, and slightly relaxing the dress code.