Football Scores
Week 7
  • PSJA Southwest 10 VS PSJA North 17
  • Rio Grande City 14 VS Laredo Nixon 31
  • Edinburg North 28 VS Edinburg Economedes 14
  • Progreso 0 VS Raymondville 43
  • McAllen High 7 VS La Joya Juarez-Lincoln 17
  • Weslaco East 20 VS Harlingen High 17
  • Santa Maria 27 VS Three Rivers 53
  • Brownsville St. Joseph 56 VS Marine Military Academy 16
  • Brownsville Pace 34 VS Donna North 27
  • Grulla 16 VS Zapata 14
  • Brownsville Rivera 0 VS Weslaco High 72
  • Sharyland High 56 VS Sharyland Pioneer 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS McAllen Memorial 24
  • Monte Alto 0 VS Hebbronville 59
  • Mercedes 34 VS Edcouch-Elsa 14
  • Laredo Martin 51 VS Roma 17
  • Mission High 21 VS McAllen Rowe 27
  • Harlingen South 16 VS San Benito 48
  • Santa Gertrudis Academy 12 VS Santa Rosa 13
  • Valley View 12 VS Laredo Cigarroa 17
  • Rio Hondo 30 VS Wes Oso 15
  • Lyford 21 VS Bishop 9
  • PSJA High 45 VS Edinburg High 28
  • Donna High 52 VS Brownsville Porter 14
A Woman Sues KFC Because Their Buckets Aren’t Overflowing With Chicken Like in the Ads

A Woman Sues KFC Because Their Buckets Aren’t Overflowing With Chicken Like in the Ads

By the time you’re like six years old, you figure out that fast food in real life looks NOTHING like it does in the commercials.  In ads it looks beautiful and delicious . . . in real life it looks like glistening squashed roadkill.

A 64-year-old woman named Anna Wurtzburger from Hopewell Junction, New York has apparently managed to live for seven decades without figuring that out.

She recently got a $20 bucket of chicken from KFC, but when she got home, she found it wasn’t BURSTING with gorgeous pieces of fried chicken like in the photos.

Quote, “They say it feeds the whole family, they’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken.  You get half a bucket!  That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family.  They’re small pieces.”

She called KFC’s corporate offices to complain, but when they kind of blew her off, she decided to SUE.  She just filed a $20 million lawsuit against KFC for false advertising.

Something tells me this is NOT like the time Subway got in trouble for making footlongs that weren’t a foot long.  KFC called the lawsuit, quote, “meritless.”

(New York Post

(Here’s a picture of one of those ads with the overflowing bucket.)


See the Latest Super Bowl Ads Including Budweiser’s Drunk Driving PSA, Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, and Steven Tyler

See the Latest Super Bowl Ads Including Budweiser’s Drunk Driving PSA, Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, and Steven Tyler

1. Budweiser has been pointlessly sentimental the past few years with their “cute animal” Super Bowl ads . . . but now, they’re getting REAL. Budweiser is doing a “don’t drink and drive” ad, featuring HELEN MIRREN. She tells drunk drivers they are a, quote, “short-sighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution” and “a Darwin-award deserving, selfish coward.”

2. DRAKE does a T-Mobile commercial where he’s singing “Hotline Bling”, and a bunch of marketing types keep interrupting to tell him to add things like: “Streaming music will incur data charges.”

It isn’t really that funny . . . but they did get Drake to be in it.

3. STEVEN TYLER does a Skittles commercial, where he talks to a portrait of himself made out of candy.

4. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s also a spot celebrating 20 years of Pokemon.

5. This isn’t an ad . . . but if someone you care deeply about is interested in the Puppy Bowl, I’m sorry. Please send my thoughts and prayers. And this rundown of the puppies in the starting lineup. It’ll probably make their day, sadly.

KFC’s Latest Creation Is Fried Chicken Covered in Pizza

KFC’s Latest Creation Is Fried Chicken Covered in Pizza



This is one of those fast food creations in another country that HAS to make its way to America.

KFC in Hong Kong is now selling fried chicken covered in PIZZA. It’s a pizza-chicken hybrid called Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken.

Basically, it’s a piece of fried chicken that has marinara sauce, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese melted on top of the breading.

And because it’s KFC, one of the ads shows the pizza chicken being offered with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

There’s no word if they’re thinking about bringing it to the U.S. But since Pizza Hut DID finally import that pizza with the little hot dogs in the crust, there’s always a chance.



The Commercials of Super Bowl 49

The Commercials of Super Bowl 49

The Super Bowl commercials yesterday were probably overshadowed by the game, since it went down to the last few plays . . . and since most ads were released online last week.  It’s gotten bad, and it REALLY lessens their impact.



But some stood out.  Here are 20 of the commercials and trends we noticed, roughly in the order they appeared.



(You can watch them all here.)



1.  Chevy freaked everyone out right away by making people think their reception was messed up.  But it was just about how the Chevy Colorado comes with built-in WiFi.  It annoyed a lot of people on social media, but you have to admit it got your attention.



2.  Snickers was hard to top, as we predicted.  That’s the one where they made it look like DANNY TREJO from “Machete” andSTEVE BUSCEMI were two of the daughters on “The Brady Bunch” . . . and acting out because they needed a Snickers.



It also made us think . . . THAT’S how you use a celebrity.  There were a ton of celebrity cameos in ads this year, but not all of them worked.  It worked here because they used unexpected faces in unexpected ways.



3.  It sounds weird to say, but Carnival Cruise lines had a pretty effective ad early on.  It was voiceover from an old speech by JFK, about how there’s salt in our blood and technically human beings come from the sea.  But it was actually pretty powerful.



At the same time, it seems like way too many companies went for the ‘serious’ angle this year.  You know it’s gotten bad when Carnival Cruise lines is using dead presidents.  (More on that here.)
4. Skittles got some laughs early on with a town where people “settle it the usual way” when there’s only one Skittle left . . . by ARM wrestling.  So everyone had huge right arms . . . even little kids and dogs.
5.  KIM KARDASHIAN did a fake, sentimental PSA for T-Mobile about saving your unused data . . . the one she teased on“Conan” last week.  Even if you’re sick of her, at least she can make fun of herself.



6.  The Budweiser “Lost Puppy” commercial won “USA Today’s” ad meter results.  Probably because it was shamelessly manipulative.  Not only did the puppy get lost, he almost got attacked by a WOLF . . . until his Clydesdale friends saved him.
7. MINDY KALING did a funny ad for Nationwide Insurance where she thought she was invisible, and tried to kiss MATT DAMON.



8. Coke scored with a message about making modern technology less about bullying, hating, and negativity . . . all because a guy spilled a Coke on a server somewhere.  Kind of ironic, since last year everyone online HATED their multi-ethnic commercial.



9.  Doritos proved again that they’re reliable for ads that actually make you laugh.  There was the guy who made sure no one wanted to sit next to him in the MIDDLE SEAT on a plane, unless it was a hot woman . . . but it turned out she had a baby.
10.  Esurance had a couple funny commercials about how it’s the right product for you . . . not someone SORTA like you.  So they had BRYAN CRANSTON as Walter White from “Breaking Bad” playing your pharmacist.



And if you missed it, they ran an ad right BEFORE the game with the same idea . . . where LINDSAY LOHAN played a lousy mom.



11.  Fiat did the ad where the old Italian guy wants to take a Viagra, but drops it out the window, where it eventually ends up in a car and makes it . . . you know . . . bigger.



12.  At halftime, Always became the first-ever feminine care product to do a Super Bowl ad, and they scored pretty big with their ‘Like a Girl‘ commercial.  They asked guys and women to do things “like a girl,” and showed how it had become an INSULT.



But YOUNG girls don’t feel that way.  It was actually a shorter version of a three-minute viral video they made last June.



13.  Then Skechers snuck in an amusing PETE ROSE joke, where he wasn’t allowed “in the hall” . . . even in his own home.  But that one’s been around for months.

14. LIAM NEESON was in one of the funnier commercials, for the game Clash of Clans.  He made fun of all the clichéd tough guy characters he plays now . . . but he was just in line to buy a scone.

15. Dodge did the ad where people 100 years or older talked about how you can learn a lot in 100 years.  As far as serious or emotionally manipulative commercials go, it just worked . . . because they had fun with it.



16.  A company called Mophie did an intense, big-budget ad where earth was hit by the apocalypse . . . all because God was preoccupied when his CELL phone battery died.  There was some controversy over the subject, but it ended on an amusing note.



17.  One of the last commercials was for, where BRETT FAVRE was trying to start a website.  We just thought it was interesting that it featured has-been NFL players dealing with retirement.  A somewhat bold move on the NFL’s biggest night.



18.  As far as ads we DIDN’T like, Nationwide Insurance had that funny commercial where Mindy Kaling thought she was invisible . . . but also threw out one of the DARKEST ads we’ve ever seen during a Super Bowl.  It’s the one where a kid DIED from a preventable accident.  NOT a cool twist ending . . . and people went off on social media.



19.  And some people were confused by the Jeep ad that used “This Land is Your Land” . . . probably one of the most famous songs about America.  But it doesn’t make as much sense when you’re showing China, Brazil, and Australia.



20.  There were also TWO commercials featuring screaming goats, from Sprint and Discover.  Which feels a LITTLE dated in 2015.  But hey, if it makes YOU laugh . . .

The Average Black Friday Discount Is 39% . . . Here Are the Major Stores Ranked by Their Discounts

The Average Black Friday Discount Is 39% . . . Here Are the Major Stores Ranked by Their Discounts


Most stores have released their Black Friday ads, and the website ran the numbers on them in a way that’s pretty helpful if you’re shopping this week.

They analyzed the ads from 22 major stores and websites, including 5,525 deals total . . . and found the average discount this Black Friday is 39.45%.

That means if you see something on sale for LESS than 40% off, it’s not that great of a deal. And if you see something for over 40% off on Black Friday, you’re in a better zone.

They also found JCPenney has the biggest average discount, at 65%. The other stores with the biggest Black Friday discounts are Macy’s . . . Rite Aid . . . Meijer . . . and Sears.

Costco is offering the worst average discount, at 21%. The other stores with the worst average Black Friday discounts are Big Lots . . . Amazon . . . Best Buy . . . and Walmart.


(You can see a ridiculously specific store-by-store discount breakdown and a lot more info here.)